What happened to interjection?

What happened to the caster interjection? I followed his coverage of AOE3 back in the day but it seems like he has disappeared.

Now is a good time to come back, if you are reading, WILLIAM BALL. Bring Aizamk with you.


Interjection works for Forgotten Empires now.



@aiz11 streams regularly I believe :smile:


Happy for you man!

The AOE4 hype had me thinking I’d love to see H20 vs Blackstar or Aizamk again, and started a poll asking who’d like to see them, but no one on the AOE4 forums recognized the names LOL

Good luck with everything, and if you cast again, I will follow the scene again!

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I would pay to see that legend casting aoe4 games.
All the best to you @InterjectionAOE !!!

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So would I. Is there a bidding mechanism here? Or twitch perhaps?
Help us help you @InterjectionAOE

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