What happened to the great bombard staff

When they revealed the units, I saw that the great bombard has a staff and I believe now it is removed, isn’t it? I It was a nice detail tho, I wish they would have kept the staff!


As with all siege units, this will remain a dream that will sadly stay unfulfilled.


In the trailer, there are men-at-arms walking beside ribauldequins.
Troll crew

It gave me some hope. They know their war machines look poor without a crew. Especially the small ones (even the bombard from Age of Empires 2 had an operator…)

I know some people are skeptical about adding crew (for some weird reasons, they stayed in 1999 I think). But give us at least a option in the settings.

The game engine can support the siege crew, it’s the Company of heroes’ engine.

Furthermore, I would like to mod this feature. But the existing modding tools are too limited for that…


I also hope that the devs can re-add the lost siege weapon ops to the game, it shouldn’t be a big problem, it won’t overload the computer, and it won’t affect the game balance. Please, just add the operation team members.


Right there with you, it could be a priority to add flavor to the game since balance seems to be on track these days. Most issues are resolved and now the game deserves some love.


Really hope they add crew or at least allow mods with crew.

I find things like the cannons, especially culverins look really bad without crew.

Would be great on all siege, but especially the silly cannons

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That is a villager standing next to the bombard.

Although the fact that you couldn’t tell does demonstrate one of the reasons to not have crew…

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Indeed, it is a villager.

Its presence next to the machine looks pretty good. He could stay there, and not just to repair it.

Okay, I’m trolling a little. But the lack of crew in this game still makes me crazy (so I don’t make any siege engine, except the trebuchet which has golden ghosts when reloading, it’s better than nothing x)

I really wish siege weaponry was manned like in AoE3.


Relic decided that crew on siege affects “readability”… it seems you guys need to get used to remote controlled siege… who would think the the studio that pushed the boundaries of RTS went back 20 years, that’s why stop caring about relic games after DOW3 they are not relic anymore.


an alternative that wouldn’t hurt readability would be garrisoning the crew. They basically did this with ottomans, coulda been for everyone.

The point is that it that it doesn’t affect redability, is a lie, they just remove it because they wanted to mirror age 2.

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please dont troll us great bombard never had a staff its a villager next to it