What happened with the 2021 Anniversary Event main menu?

After the most recent update I no longer see the “Anniversary 2021 Main Menu” mod in my modlist. What happened to it, as it was a really cool main menu background?


I also want to know. I used it the second I obtained it and haven’t dropped it since, but have been forced to take a fan-made menu screen based on Age of Empires I since the deletion.

I’m pretty sure Zetnus has uploaded all the mods that players miss out on, including main menu screens, so you can still get it from there.

When the mod disappeared from my modlist, I got Zetnus’s version, but I do agree - this shouldn’t get removed from the mod list in general, especially when I got all the challenges done while logged into Xbox, so it should definitely stay in my modlist lol.


Here’s the mod:

It didn’t show up when I just searched for “anniversary” menu background mods for some reason… maybe the OP had a similar problem.