What happened with the villager resource loss?

What I mean is, I remember earlier this year at some point in an update, there was a change so villagers wouldn’t lose their resources if accidentally clicking a source for another resource, so for example you had a villager with food on him selected and you accidentally click a gold mine, then before that update and in all the other versions of the game, the villager would lose all the food on him instantly, but after that update he would lose if first when he started actually mining that gold.

But now it seems to be gone again, and villagers instantly lose their resources. I am just really wondering why this reverted to the way it was before. I have wondered about this for a while, just haven’t asked before now.

Edit: I have noticed it seems to be fixed again.


Gonna try it as well. Anyway, it may be a bug, related to the wheelbarrow fix

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I think it’s more likely to be related to this change, which TBH I don’t really understand the intent of:

“Restarting a scenario which enables the ‘Villager Force Drop’ setting will no longer activate that setting in standard games when tasking Villagers to collect another resource.”

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No, I really don’t think so, because I noticed this over a week ago at least, and that was in the update 2 days ago, so it has been around longer. I’m just confused why it has been reverted, and when it happened.

The server maintenance a week or two ago screwed it up again, along with a couple other things. As of course is tradition.

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Ah, okay, I thought the timing of your post meant you’d noticed it having changed in the most recent update. I see now, though, that you said “I have wondered about this for a while, just haven’t asked before now.”.

Yeah, that might add up as it was 1-2 weeks ago I noticed it was reverted again. I was thinking maybe they reverted it before that for some weird reason without mentioning it in update logs

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