What happens if a player wall in friends during a game?

I was playing with this guy and he tried to sabotage my game by making walls. My nickname is LUZITANO. The player in question is called allseasons. I went to see his replays and realized he does that a lot. Is there any kind of measure for this type of player or is it allowed to sabotage?


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afaik, no counters, and if you think they do anything about reports, think again.

If he stats to lose, he wall in the others players. It’s funny because when we played, I still managed to destroy the other 3 enemies, but he did it.

The fix is so simple, why dont the dev allow you to build a door on your ally walls?


or… how about friend fire using siege guns? the command attack does not damage friends troops or walls

this is actually a simple and ingenious solution, didnt even think about it

It’s a good idea (aside from attaching friendly walls), as this messes with the player’s gaming experience.


damn, i took my revenge!

Yea I’ve suffered from this before. Even if a player just leaves and doesn’t intend to troll you. All gates automatically lock when the qutter’s civ turns white. So if they walled mountain pass or something, you’re trapped. The suggestion to let players build gates on allied walls is a great solution, and would be very useful in regular play too. It’s stupid that you have to constantly monitor ally walls and ask for gates.

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you cant really do much, just restart and move on :melting_face: