What historical unit is this thing?

I always wondered what unit the generic skirmisher represented, if there was a unit in the Napoleonic Wars that looked like the skirmisher in the game, the truth is that I never found a real photo of a soldier similar to the skirmisher and that’s why I don’t make sense of it, Happily they updated the French and German skirmishers, however the Spanish and Dutch skirmishers are missing, so could someone explain to me about the game’s generic skirmisher?

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More like an irregular because this does not look like a formal uniform.

Considering the colonial theme of the vanilla, it probably represents some irregular troops raised by the colonies for scouting and skirmishing (like the real-life rangers, not the in-game one which is actually the Green Jacket rifle). If you remember, legacy un-upgraded skirmishers do not have hats at all.

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It’s horrible, I can understand it at age 3 but at age 4 it is completely absurd to wear an irregular uniform, I would like them to add other skins for these units, technically the skirmishers represented the line infantry, and the Spanish had line infantry units dressed in uniforms traditional from that time, like this

Some people might think that hat is too similar with musketeers (as in reality they do have similar hat gears).

So maybe the uniform color needs to be carefully designed to differentiate them.

I hope they go that way, make a model that allows you to easily differentiate the skirmisher from a musketeer, I will probably make many publications demanding this change, I can’t stand seeing that generic skirmisher

The German one is okay.
The French one (seemingly) has a similar hat as the musketeer, but I find it still quite easy to differentiate because the color schemes of the uniforms are very different. That’s what I think they should put some design efforts in if they want to make a more authentic Napoleonic skirmisher.

Have you never heard of Francs-tireurs my dude?

Honestly I feel like it’s way more immersion breaking to have all units perfectly uniformed, that’s less realistic than having partisans, volunteers and just random militias alongside your regular army.

Skirmishers are by definition irregular units, giving them uniforms kinda defeats the purpose.

okay but the voltigeur is not an irregular unit and that unit already came in the vanilla aoe3

Interestingly only two civs have that model now. Spanish and Dutch.
The unique skirmisher units all reflect regular units, like French (voltigeur), Portuguese (cassador), Germans (something like a late Prussian infantry), British (ranger, which is actually the Rifle), all have more accurate models now.

So it probably makes some sense to give the common skirmisher an “irregular” model. Such units did exist throughout the time period.

(Not saying Spanish and Dutch don’t have regular skirmishers at all though)

That’s why it is given a unique model in the last update.

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With the Dutch there is no problem since they do not have musketeers