What I believe are the Most pressing balance/bug that need attention

I think the last few tournaments have told us that the abuse of animation cancelling is breaking the game and hurting the community base.

Secondly, I believe the recast inaccuracy of many many many units in game is causing several imbalances and obscuring the “clear” counter system.

Thirdly, siege need special nerfs to reduce the likelihood of exclusive siege wars. Bombards specifically need some very special balancing (i suggest they get a proper cost effective counter and bombards only attack ships/buildings).

Finally I demo ships need to only work vs buildings and ships and that Age VI upgrade be corrected.

There are many other balance/bugs in the game; but I believe those 4 issues plague the whole AOE4 community.


-Mongol needs more nerfs. I don’t know how Yam network and ovoo production went untouched.
-Abbasid needs buffs
-English needs buffs (probably just make abbey of kings an eco building of some kind)
-Clocktower needs a gigantic nerf - 15% increase to HP only.
-Bombards need to be taken out to the woodshed and rebalanced with trebs to be actual siege and not good against units


I’m not disagreeing that mongols need more attention but that is a civ balance issue; the things I suggested are issue across all civs and gameplay.

I disagree with this.

Unpopular opinion but I think demo ships are fine. If a ship loaded with explosives and on fire comes barreling at you on the coast as you stand there staring in bewilderment at it, it is going to blow up and kill you!

All your other points I agree with however.

Bombards can be fixed by decreasing their hp by 50% and increasing springalds and culverin range to out range bombards.

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Bombards being canons should do damage against units too, but the issue with them is that they are too tanky, too fast, take no time to pack and unpack, and chinese bombards are way too effective against units that are supposed to counter them.

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I’m not completely against bombards working vs units EXCEPT that they gave a few civs special cannons that are SUPPOSED to be effective vs units…however bombards are already very very effective vs units so why bother with the special cannons?

Also with the Demo ship; its power is way too strong and the age 4 upgrade makes its range soooooooooooooooooo large??? If they keep demos to attack land units than I suggest the demo power be diminished to power of 2 magonel shots. Right now one demo can basically kill an war elephant (that’s 1400hp??).