What I expect from the new age of empire

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I want to say that I would like to see in AOE4 something different from the neutral units, like the small camps that, when defeated, unite you (at least 1-2 units) and not only that, but you acquire their building, so that allow the creation of unique units of that camp.
The camp could also lose control if the enemies press it and remain in that place for a while (for example, 1 minute).

I would also have to point out how old it may be, in my opinion, I would not prefer that the last era be related to world wars, but that we started in the prehistoric era and as the last era in the imperial era, where the riders, the boats, trade and gunpowder become more important.
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Humbly that is my proposal.
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I just want co-op campaign and will be happy


That idea is a great partner.
If also incorporate some chat system (written or voice) for better coordination between players.
Do not you think?

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ofc. Actually in the other news Xbox post on “Our Approach to PC Gaming” says it clearly that its their intent "new titles include features such as voice and text chat, LFG, friends lists and cross-play across PC and console"