What i hope for in next year(s)

As a casual player this is what i hope for in the future:

-Campaigns for ALL Civs
-single historical battles
-Cinematic intro-Video
-new biomes, gaia, animals, maps etc. (basically the same variety like in AOE2 and AOE3)
-new civs (at least japanese and vikings)
-DLCs (at least one)
-Simple Intuitive pictures for when you age up like in Age of Mythology (i know that that is a minor point but still)

Note: like many others before me i just want to emphasize that most players don´t (or rarely) play multiplayer. so devs: please don´t forget the majority of the players!


I agree…we need campaigns for the Holy Roman Empire (Barbarossa and Habsburg emperors intensifies), Delhi (from Muhammad Ghori to Babur) and Abbassids (from the Abbasid Revolution in the 8th century to al-Nasir in the 13th century)…also the Malian empire of Sudjata and Mansa Musa and with the Ottomans from Manzikert to Mohács…

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and chinese campain too

You mean, massacre of millions, and cannibalism? :joy: Well take it easy. I’m joking here.

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its my main civ so i would really like playing a china campain :smiley:

I think it is the opposite. AOE IV was born as a competitive RTS Esports game.
So that’s why maps are oversimplified, empty and boring. Not even they have a variety of animals and plants, so they look the same in the end. The same thing with campaigns. There are a bit boring, erratic, repetitive, and short.

I would like to see more Single Player or Co-Op content as you posted here. So those are excellent ideas!
Campaigns, Art of War challenges for all Civs, and more diverse and richer maps are very much needed!

I like almost all your suggestions. IMO one of the most important things missing is Art of War challenges for every civ. I personally loved the Ottoman one and would love to see challenges for each civ highlighting their strengths and strategies. One of the most common questions new players have is “what civ should I play” and right now the only way for people to figure it out is to try them in a game, which isn’t bad, but is not necessarily the quickest way to experience how a civ plays.


If the game had been born as E-Sports we would only have had some good hotkeys and a better
and faster balance since launch.

The game must cover more areas and we agree on that.

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i know but for some reason it got promoted its tourney and every e sport scene first than the speed of the updates to make better hotkeys and unit pathfinding.

Yes,although as they appreciate a lot in the Mongol campaign,not done them in short supply…but a campaign in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) would not be bad either:

The Rise of the Ming (1363-1387)

  1. Battle of Lake Poyang (1363) (Chinese vs Chinese)

  2. Ming Conquest of Yunnan (1381) (Chinese vs Mongols)

  3. Battle of Jinshan (1387) (Chinese vs Mongols)

The Expansion of the Ming (1407-1410)

  1. Ming invasion of Vietnam (1407) (Chinese vs Vietnamese (unique campaign Archer civ))

  2. Yongle’s Northern Expeditions (1410) (Chinese vs Mongols)

The Dragon in problems (1460-1461)

  1. The Miao Rebellions (1460) (Chinese vs Chinese)

  2. Rebellion of Cao Qin (1461) (Chinese vs Chinese)

The Supremacy of the Dragon (1589-1592)

  1. Bozhou Rebellion (1589) (Chinese vs Chinese)

  2. Ordos campaign (1592) (Chinese vs Mongols)

Yes, that should be improved…

Yes, the game doesn’t know where to locate itself, it wants to be competitive and at the same time it wants to be unique and you can’t do everything at the same time… first you make it unique and then you balance it to make it competitive, not the other way around…

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