What if 3/10 of villagers of Ottomans would speak Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Albanian instead of Ottoman Turkish

This would be more historical accurate for Ottomans and give unique vibe to play, i guess. I’m sure voice acting for many languages at once isn’t easy. Demanding a lot for search and time for sure. But i think this would be very very insteresting end feels more imperial. Thats just a suggestion.

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what if 3/10 of British villagers speak Celtic ?
What if 3/10 Chinese villagers speak Uighur Turkish ?
Man this is going nowhere !
This game allready has amazing voice acting and there is nothing to be changed .


There are better things to improve


I see what you did there! lol.

I also think the Ottoman should also pay attention to regional details, not all villagers came from the same area and dressed the same way, Turkic fashion is wide and varied, Depending on where the towncenter is located on the map should change the way the villager look like!
If you were to have a towncenter close to the east side of map, they would produce villagers with more Pastoral work clothes and traditional dresses with more central-asian influence.
While a towncenter producing from the south should make villagers with more arabian style clothes! While the Northwestern Towncenters would have a much more Balkan/Slavic influenced clothing.

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@AttilaTheHUN270 I honestly thought I could never agree with you on anything? lool; great post. These ppl want everything but game balance and QOL;

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To a foreigner’s ear all languages will sound same. So this adds to it’s redundancy even more.

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In game other countries represent specific nation like English, French, Rus, Chinese etc ( HRE’s population is almost all Germans ) but Ottoman Empire including different kingdoms,religions,languages in her and they are populated among empire. Otherwise they should change name as Turks like AoE 2. Even Rus has some Viking vibes. I really like how all nations have unique architecture, voice lines by ages and play styles in AoE 4. Its just an extra cutie idea for Ottomans i got. I still think that would be realy cool.

Notice that the Ottomans don’t need to speak the other languages. It should just speak only the Anatolian Turkish language. Perhaps we can save the Greek, Bulgarian, and Serbian language for the Byzantines, Bulgarians, and Serbians respectively.


The Ottomans shouldn’t just be called the Turks because the Ottomans represent only the Ottomans and AoE2’s Turks tends to represent not just the Ottomans but also other Oghuz Turkish empires (i.e., Seljuks).

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Delhi Sultanate was literally founded by Turkic warriors, at least in the first age they could speak Kipchak but devs straight out made the official language the only one.

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But where start and where Stop ?
Do you want to give HRE czech, dutch, frisian, Italian, slovenian, pommeranian, french (burgundy) and in feudal age sicilian language ?

Yea but they were minority among Hindu people.

I don’t know. Depends on which countries they are going to add in the future. But doable for every empire.

Why not throw in Arabic and various North African Berber languages as well?

Its possible so why not ?

I understand none of those languages so I wouldn’t notice any difference at all.
As other fellow forum members stated above, I’d rather put developer resources on something else that actually improves gameplay experience.

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All of those nations you talk about is under the ottoman empire rule so there is no need to add their language if they come out as separate nation then they can have it

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Ottomans ruled these nations and didnt take these nations soldiers to make war so there is no need to change villager sounds. Ottomans didnt have knights as heavy cav,.knight should be named sipahi.

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While the Knight should be referred to as Sipahi, the current Sipahi unit should be referred to as Deli.


dont talk without playing the game or have some of knowledge about the game please and how did you find that forgotten post

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