What if all civs have 2 unique units?

Units I have in mind:

Teopixqui (Monk replacement)

Brahmin (Monk upgrade when Paiks researched)

Billman (Halberdier replacement)

Volga Rider (Secondary UU line available in Stable starting in Castle Age)

Royal Battle Elephant (Elite BE replacement)

Variangian guard (Champion replacement)””

Gallowglass (Mercenary unit available in III age)

Fire Lancer (available in Range in III Age, weaker than HC)

Pecheneg Warrior (available in Castle Age stable)

Culverin Elephant (Available on IV age)

Kushite Archer (Arbalester replacement)

Gendarme (Heavy Cavalry available in IV age)

Vandal (Champion replacement)

Avar Raider (Secondary UU line available in Stable starting in Castle Age)

Ashigaru Arquebusier (Hand Cannoneer replacement)

Hwacha (Siege Onager replacement)

Corvinian Knight (replaces Cavalier in IV)

Djong (warship)

Tuareg (Camel Hand Cannoneer)

Turkoman Raider (CA replacement in Castle Age)

Eagle Slinger (Available in II age Archery Range, reference to Eagle Balamob Slingers in Rise of Nations)

Imam (Unique Monk)

Norman Knight (Replaces Knight in III)

Cossack (Light Cavalry)

Crusader Knight (Available in Castle like in the Dawn of Dukes campaigns)

Akinci (HCA replacement)

Current civilizations with 2 unique units are omitted.

Do you have any suggestions? Share below!


Good idea, and I think that for some civs 2 units or buildings are not enough.
Royal Battle Elephant may be changed into Imperial Skrimisher(as they have had a kind of unique war elephant unit and were good at using javelins in real history)

add Greek Fire Thrower(Available on IV age)

add Flying Crow(Available on IV age)

add Tammaci(Available on III age , scout cavalry)

add Jinete(Available on III age)

add War Cleric(mounted Warrior Priest)

add Landsknecht(Available on III age)

add Orban Cannon(Available on IV age)

Imam may be changed into Naft Thrower(Available on IV age)
add Bedouin Rider(Available on III age)

add Ninja(Available on III age)

add Hwarang(Available on III age, archer or cavalry)

add ######## Axeman(Available on IV age)

I prefer to use Imam’s appearance on ME/CA/African civs’ monks and use Chand Bardai’s appearance on SA/EA/SEA civs’ monks.

Tuareg may be added to Berbers and Turkoman Raider may be added to Tartars.


The Ninja is already available in the scenario editor.

It has an attack bonus against heros and kings.

The Crusader Knight should be a unique upgrade for Chevalier (like the Persians now have the Savar).


Aztecs should also have Arrow Knight. An upgrade version of the Elite Skirmisher in Imperial age.
Inca should have Bolas slinger
Teutons should have Armoured Halbediers and Guilded Crossbowmen.
Goths and Vikings should get Shieldbearer who in groups can do a shieldwall or gives them same ability as the shivamsha rider.

I know that and hope it could be used in the PvP or PvC games.

There are so many cool units hidden in the scenario editor. The latest addition is the Qizilbash Warrior.


Or Yeoman?


Definitely yes!

Franks good. Gadrauht for Goths.

Pretty good!

  • access to Caravanserai.
  • Caravan Guardian

Sicilian Vesper for Sicilians.

Please no. Strelets will be more correct.

Oh yeah!


I like it!

Maybe Jomsviking will be more good?


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Yeah fully agree. These extraordinary hidden units would give the game a special flavor as playable units, especially for the added civs.

I also think that we should officially add the currently unplayable Qizilbash Warrior to the Persians as further special unit. I would remove the War elephant for this, he is too unsuitable for the Persians and to strong at overall.

The same thing happened for years with the now playable Romans, the Centurion as the equivalent of the Qizilbash Warrior was only seen as an unplayable campaign unit.

The rework of the Persians is free and separate from the DLC.

We also got new skins for the Trade Carts a few years ago - for free!

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Without any kind of information on the roles or abilities of any of these units, you’re not making much of a case for them. It seems like 99% of what you’re trying to accomplish here would be satisfied by just giving unique skins to select units from these civs.

For example, why do Aztecs need a unique monk? Their monks are already iconic, uniquely affected by a civ bonus, and the strongest monks in lategame. They even have a regional graphic that sets them apart from all other monks except those shared by the other 2 American civs.

Similarly, why do Bengalis need a unique monk? Their monks are already uniquely armored as a civ bonus.

Why do Khmer need a unique Royal Battle Ele when they already have a civ bonus and UT for them, and another elephant UU?


In a few cases I think the idea of adding a secondary uu or special upgrade is interesting, like Billmen as Castle UUs for Britons if Longbows were to become a special upgrade of their archer line. But giving all civs 2 UUs “just because” is far from necessary. It just waters down the concept of unique units and bloats the game with a couple dozen units with special abilities everyone will have to memorize.

True, but it’s kind of pitiful to have to refer to a small handful of new graphics that were added years ago as a counterpoint to the observation that devs are generally massively stingy with new assets.


I agree, im a big fan of unique skins for units but if they intend to follow the Savar trend we need something that differentiate them from the standard unit.

When i read that i thought it could be not a replacement but instead a suport unit that represents the cavalry charges of the normans, just give them less attack and and less hp than the regular knight, but with a charge attack and 1 pierce armor. They would be able to charge and inflict damage and then retreat just to wait the recharge and do it again. This combination would make them good weakening pikes (synergizing with the civ bonus) and archers, but only if they retreat inmediatly after the charge, since their low hp and low damage will make them very weak in long combats, while the normal knights would be able to survive longer and deal more damage on longer fights.

Thanks. I just added Landsknecht as Teutons UU.

We should not push further for the Savar trend then, and rather for unit skins, which are far less harmful to the game

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For the Aztecs, if they had a second unique unit, it would be the Otomi Warrior. For the Japanese, it would be the Ninja. Also, if all civs were to have another unique unit, it should be created at a new building, which can be called “Academy”.


can you screenshot this what this looks like?

You can check it out here: Qizilbash Warrior | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

Why not make a separate Nubian civ instead?

I’d rather have Woad Raiders be reskinned to something that actually fits the middle ages (possibly this Gallowglass). For a second UU I think they could get Hobelars.

I don’t think those are related

Same problem as with Goths and Vandals

Tuaregs are a Berber tribe

Why would the game reference another game?

No I think it would great to have Paladins as a French UU. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Frank should have generic paladin replaced with their own Frankish paladin. This unit is in scenario editor.

Teuton Paladin replaced with Crusader knight (upgraded from cavalier).

for Japanese, I think they should go the same as route as the Roman, longsword can be upgraded straight to samurai. This should fix the issue with champion vs samurai problem. As for their new UU, it should be the ninja that already exists inside scenario editor.