What if Caravel fires cannonballs?

A hypothetical question.
What if change Caravel’s projectiles from Scorpion’s bolts to cannonballs.

This is not meant to make them a Cannon Galleon-like unit. The projectile’s rate of fire, speed and range basically remain the same, nor does it have a high attack bonus against buildings.

Since the Scorpion’s bolts are no longer fired, they would not have pass-through damage, but the cannonballs will have an explosion radius (perhaps 0.5 or 1), causing units near the hit target to also take some damage. This should be more useful than the original pass-through damage since naval battles usually make ships side by side.

They would also turn into gunpowder units and unable to gain the Ballistics effect, but since they are Portuguese units, it doesn’t matter.

Aside from the stats to be adjusted accordingly, perhaps they too, like Thirisadai of the Dravidians, could only be accessible in the Imperial age, after all in the Castle age they won’t be able to benefit from Arquebus.

Btw, the Castle age UT should become a default civ bonus and be replaced with a new one. The UTs only serving the naval battles are usually rare to be used.


I really wish they replaced Organ Guns with something else in both AoE2 and AoE3. Organ Guns weren’t used by the Portuguese as far as I can tell and they were also not exclusive to any one civ.


Don’t change what isn’t broken… Let as it is… Not needed…

Nah, just kidding, I actually like to change the bolt into a cannonball. Fits better with the civ and leave the "scorpion-ship " concept to another new unit.
But what if Caravel has the same type of attack than Hussite wagon? No splash damage but 3 additional bullets which always deal 2 damage are fired at the same time.


This will kill its original intended gimmick.Your idea can be used for another uu ship like the venitian gally.

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From experience, I think the Scorpion concept is fundamentally unsuitable for ships. Pass-through damage is not excellent when ships are always side by side.

Like Hussite Wagon? I think this also means that this ship unit will be a tank unit too.

In fact, Thirisadai seems to be a perfect fit for the concept. It also fires multiple bolts, so only a slight modification is needed. Now it’s also not good, so maybe it’s nice to gain a change too.

I don’t care so much about gimmicks, especially bad gimmicks.
When we can replace the bad old one with a better new one, why not.

Besides, I do not support Venetian civ. At most, I support the Italians to gain Galleass as UU to bring out more Venetian flavor. But I think if we have a good concept, it should be prioritized for repairing existing objects. Think of a whole new gimmick for Galleass, and keep this one for fixing Caravel.


You are right, but still could have their niche usage. Gunpowerd suits better with portuguese anyway.

Just borrow the attack (1 cannon bol and 3 bullets per shot), not all hussite wagon features.

This is pretty much the most niche design in the game. Maybe an exaggeration, I think it’s similar to giving infantry attack bonus against ships.

Because the current Thirisadai has a tank characteristic, I think it is suitable. Maybe 1 bolt and 3 or 4 arrows per shot without turning.

Or, just give this Hussite concept to the so-called Galleass?

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I would prefer him to shoot cannonballs, although having to move it to imperial…

If the only change is aesthetic then sure.