What if Elite Eagle Warriors got +10 HP, but El Dorado only gave +30?

I was having a discussion about the Aztecs in team games on Reddit and one of the comments suggested giving Elite Eagle Warriors +10 HP baseline, while nerfing El Dorado to +30 instead of +40.

I have no idea if such a change would suddenly make the Mesoamerican civs broken, despite that it’d have no change to FU Mayan EEW’s. It could definitely make Incas a lot scarier against archer civs, while also helping out Aztecs (who generally do poorly in team games, despite being fairly strong in 1v1’s). That said, this change wouldn’t have any effect on Castle Age, which is where Aztecs struggle due to the lack of TR, no cavalry, and the Jaguar Warrior being too specialized.

If this change would make the Mesoamerican civs too strong, then we don’t need to add it. I’m just asking for opinions.

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Elite Eagles don’t need even more durability in melee combat because that isn’t even the role the unit is designed to do, Mayan Elite Eagles with El Dorado are already wayy too strong because of that (and at the same time with a major jump in ranged damage, from 30 arbalest shots to 50 arbalest shots), being able to beat even Paladins in Equal resources while the other two are madly wrecked is just ridiculous.


I don’t think a unit that costs 20f 50g in Imp should have 8 PA and 70 HP.

Eagles are fine as they are now, they cost nothing and if anything their stats are too generous and not struggling, both in Castle and in Imp.


Wait, what?

Isn’t Castle Age the age where Aztecs shine the most?

I don’t think Eagle Warriors are meant to be a late-Imp power unit anyway, nor are they too weak as of right now.


Its ok that they are bad in TGs. They’re definitely a top-5 for a variety of 1v1 settings.

This change alone without any other modifications is welcoming though. 100 hp on eagles is too damn strong.

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Of all units you want to buff you want to buff the eagle warrior line? They are basically like super scouts without taking bonus damage from the spearman line. They even have a small bonus on cavalry. Granted they cost gold, however their food cost is very cheap.

The meso American civilizations are already pretty strong as it is. This seems like an insane buff.

So Eagle Warrior will be even more stronger (not talking about too OP, 11) but the last time that I checked 0+40 = 10+30
Mayans need a nerf, EW arguably need a nerf as well

sorry to say, but you are so wrong it makes me question if youre trolling or serious.

No TR is simply not a problem, because its not really a castle age tech (outside of cav archers that NEED it). Its a tech you grab when you commit really heavily to archers, or after clicking imp. So missing it hardly reduces your castle age power, because you would not research it in the first place even if you could.

EW have better attack (per cost) than kts, and only need +1 to ignore TC fire (kts need +2; EW can even ignore +1 TCs once they get +2). So yeah, they are not comparable - they are far superior.

Monks are a good unit even without any bonus, just the full techtree is enough; that it takes some time for the additional HP to build up as you’re grabbing techs is not a downside, its just how the bonus works.

Most importantly, you forget the 2 most crucial bonuses aztecs get: Faster producing military and more carry capacity. Both are very strong in castle age: You dont have the wood yet to just spam out military production buildings, so faster production actually means more units. And you dont have handcart yet, so more carry capacity means faster farming (they become generic after handcart, so the bonus is really most usefull in feudal and castle).

So all in all, they got a very strong monk rush, a very dangerous eagle play, and two civ bonuses that are perfectly suited for this aggressive playstyle.


What reality are we living in? Please watch like, any high level games with Aztecs. How can you be so confidently wrong :sob:

I love this idea. Me and my bro were literally talking about this a few days ago. Frfrfrfr. Great fix imo. If it turns too op, it can be later fixed to +5.

I haven’t kept up to date on pro replays, apparently. I stand corrected, and so I’ve withdrawn my previous comment on the matter.