What if hauberk effected allies?

Sicily is struggling a little, maybe this could be balanced

This isn’t remotely balanced. Why are you making so many balance suggestions that aren’t at all balanced?


No sicilians just need cheaper/better serjeants imho

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That would not help them at all in 1v1, and would be stupidly OP in Teamgames, Paladins would only take 1damage from arbalesters.
I don’t get why so many suggest Balance changes when one of the biggest Updates ever is not even a month old.


Not only it wouldn’t help at all in 1v1, but it would range from useless (American civs or Hindustani) to monstruous (Franks, Teutons, Lithuanians…)


Id give back the original attack bonus resistance and nerf hauberk to +1/+1.

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Ah yes totally balanced suggestion. Perhaps you would also make their 33% res bonus dmg a TG bonus?

I think they are fine like that…
Maybe you want to return in the Sicilian’s OP old times post DLC when we could make fast castle 5 forums 50 serjents ?

Yeah about that… I am very surprised that people and pros find them decent enough now.

I mean I saw the patch as an overall nerf, and saw the “Dongeons act as barracks” thing as a cheesy strategy that gives you good reward early at the price of only allowing a 2nd TC in castle age.
But Hera put them in a recent video as one if the 5 civs benefiting the most of this patch, and TatoH in a recent tournament (admiral) picked them and went heavy on dongeons.

Not sure how much of it is experimenting, but (pleasantly) surprised that it actually looks like a legit strategy.

It is a legit strategy. In his video Hera shows how you can build a defense dungeon and play aggressive at the same time. But it can be even more efficient with an all in strategy drop rush dungeon on the ennemy then instant archery/stable without any barracks.
I didnt try yet but I think its a super dangerous strat.

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improved doesnot mean they are fine now. They have been improved overall, which is good, but they still suffer from same old problems, which is for example that their UU, which they are supposed to rely on by feudal age for a unique strategy, is largely overpriced at 60F 35G for those stats and utility

Also yeah now donjons count as prerequisite for archery range and stable, but this not saves you really that much. You eventually need a barracks, and even in the early game, donjons still cost 75W, which only saves you 100W for stable. you are also investing 175 stone to get that 100 wood saving, to add a static defence that you would rather build if and when needed rather than as a default, otherwise your hampering yourself economically a bit
(spend 250 res to save 175 means you are 75 res down, and also cannot build a third TC now cause you spent stone on donjon) so it’s not like it’s an obvious good deal, it’s a tradeoff that is beneficial only if you manage to get an advantage early with it because in feudal 100 wood matter more than 100 stone

but sicilians also want horse collar otherwise they have no eco bonus, and all their good military options at that time, like scouts, are not cheap. it ends up in sicilians having not enough res to get anything they need

thus why imho sicilians need -25 res on the donjons (wood or stone i’m fine with either) and like -10 minimum on Serjeants (To 60F 25G or 55F 30G at most)

Oh, another thing if hauberk has a team effect : what if several players on the same team pick it ?

4v4, 4 Sicilians in one team, each researching hauberk so each getting 4x +1/2 ? Their cavaliers would have a grand total of 9/14 armour plus the usual 33% damage resistance, hand cannons would inflict a pathetic 3 damage.

Is this a joke? that would make Polish Cavlier FU give Teutons 9/9, make Arbalest unviable. If you want to make them viable in team games focus on their team bonus

Instead of something obviously broker like this, we could look at sicilians TB which atm is very bad si c’è has no sinergy with the civ, not being a water civ, and only niche even in water maps

TB could be changed to something more universally useful

Have you been playing this game for less than an hour? You are spamming really bad take topics, so please stop! STOP!