What if Italy joined the central powers in 1915?

Something like this? Alternate WWI: What if Italy joined the central powers? - YouTube

Italy was struggling hard just against the AH empire, and would have struggled even harder vs France.

you might say that this adds 3 million soldiers to the central power but truth is AH and Italian soldiers weren’t worth the same quality wise as a German or French soldier. the best thing Italy would give to the central powers would be food, which was a big issue for them.

the price for Italy on the other hand would have been catastrophic, Italy couldn’t stop the British and French fleets from simply bombing 80% of the population back to the stoneage and didn’t have the industry to rebuild from that, not to mention you are attacking into the alps with an industry that cant produce that much artillery or shells.

there is also the question about other joining, say Spain, the US, Sweden or Denmark joining the allied side which all where possible and who all where in better fighting shape than Italy was.