What if ... Paladins were a unique upgrade for the Franks?

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With the new addition of the Winged Hussars for the Poles and Lithuanians and some unique upgrades already in the game, such as the Imperial Camel (Indians), Imperial Skirmisher (Vietnamese), Houfnice (Bohemians) and Flemish Militia (Burgundians)
I wonder how the game would change or what the game would be like if the Paladin were a unique upgrade just for the Franks - as it was intended from the start of AoK that the Paladins would be the UU for the Franks-

It would severely Nerf many some civs and franks would need nerfs


How exactly?
I just wonder: The Frank Paladin is the best Paladin of the game doesn’t it?

I would like it…

But other civs that currently have access to paladins should have a new upgrade… maybe a heavy lancer with stats between cavaliers and paladins.

Anyways, I really don’t mind paladins… I just would remove it some civs that currently have access to them like byzantines, celts, maybe lithuanians if they get back BF and add it just to the poles and maybe italians

yes, and right now Franks are the best team game cavalry civ, by a lot. now imagine how much further ahead they would be in that regard if Lithuanians, Teutons, and others didn’t have Paladin at all. how would you compete against an opponent who had Franks on their side if the only civ with Paladins were Franks?

and after you’ve just nerfed Lithuanians, Persians, Cumans, Huns, Burgundians, Magyars, and Spanish, how do you plan for them to be able to compete with Franks?


You would have to make a new “elite cavalier” or other type of heavy cavalry just to maintain balance among civs. Not worth all the trouble.

In comparison, the winged hussar change is almost purely cosmetic.

Considering franks are already the go to cavalry civ in team games, asking to nerf every other cav civ with paladin is just…

Well, imagine thinking britons needed thumb ring on top of their extra range.


Well, I’m not saying they SHOULD do it, just that I would LIKE it…

But if they do it, how can you be 100% sure it would be a nerf?.. it is very hard to get paladins, maybe an alternative upgrade could be cheaper and give other cav civs a time period to be clearly better than franks and make a difference, maybe it can have similar melee stats but be weaker than palas against pierce damage or vice versa.

team games. Paladin might be hard in 1v1, but in team games it absolutely is a nerf. and in 1v1 it’s still a nerf in those situations where you would want to have Paladins.

we’ve already seen how fast Franks can get to Paladin with Chivalry + their great economy, why do you think they are absolutely the best team game cavalry civilization despite the fact that their Paladins lose to both Teutons and Lithuanians in a fight?

making it weaker then paladins vs Archers is absolutely a huge team game nerf.

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What about the Frankish Paladin hero unit?

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And Templar knight for Teutons


How about having Crusader Knight as the UU from the castle and then Teutonic Knight infantry UU like Konniks?

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That will be OP (20 char)

Templars are French not German.

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My bad, thanks for the correction. I refered to the new crusader knight sprite

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Templars didn’t had any nationailty. But I think the origin of templars was in ireland if I remember correctly. Maybe their center of power was shifted towards france at some point, at least I remember that. But they weren’t franks.

And the Teutonic Order was literally a decendent from the templars.

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Uh, the founder was from France, >90 % of the Knights was from France, nearly all the grand masters was from France.

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NOOOOOO. I want My Celt Paladins

What if … Imperial Camel Rider was an upgrade for more Civs, not just Indians?