What if Slavs get a split too?

We already have the West Slavic factions (Poles and Bohemians) and south Slavs (Bulgarians). However, the Slavs in-game are umbrella for Kievan Rus/Ruthenians, and Muscovites.

Suppose the Slavs are split into two new civs such as Muscovites and Ruthenians, just like the Indians had in DoI. Would you be interested? Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions here.

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Would there be enough differences in the general design to justify to split?
If you double down ofc one could design a new civ to be a substantially separate thing of its own, but that would most likely be at odds with any historical grounding, where these two groups were closer together and more entwined on more levels than Bohemians and Poles.
On top of that, there’s the case of civ profile balance. I’m not sure another cav-focused civ would help things out in an ecosystem where the pace is fast and infantry is struggling.

There are already enough civs to juggle and balance. But if something were about to be introduced, personally I’d love to see something cool, obvious but overlooked/disregarded, like Swiss Confederacy, or rather just Swiss.
Not so long ago 3DE went with the concept of a fun oddball in the form of Malta, no reason to loosen things up in AD2023 and introduce something similar. At this point, there are not many big players left either.

I’m not against it, but in that case I’d love to see more brand-new mechanics to spice things up, eliminating the blanket term ‘Slavs’ for the sake of it it’s not enough. Certainly for a paid expansion.

Rename slavs to rus add romanians as a new civi,make the boyars a knight line replacement for factions that had them rus romanian lithuanians etc.

Maybe even add a byzantine building set too.Or else eastern europe set is going to become seven.

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thats not too bad. though I prefer they explore more african civs first or american civs.


I don’t want more slavic civs. We have too many in the game.


There should definitely be a Balkan South Slav faction. Old Slav faction needs to split or be renamed.

You don’t seem to like European history very much…

Yeah I don’t like European History especially Slavic

There is already a south slavic faction called Bulgarian

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