What if Team Bonuses were divided into two parts?

This post might be disliked by some, but the bonuses each civ gets should behave in a different way.

This comes from what I felt is quite weird. On one hand we have Britons, Huns, Goths, Celts who have team bonuses for faster production buildings, these bonuses work in 1v1s too. But when we look at a civ with a team bonus such as Spanish’s trade bonus or Portuguese free LOS for allies. These are very useless in 1v1s.

I’m not the right guy to recommend how to redo this, but it’s something I feel needs a bit of rework in such a way that there exists a team bonus that works in only team games such as Spanish ones and also civs who have useless team bonuses for 1v1s gets some sort of other civ bonus for their 1v1s.

If I wasn’t clear enough, I think the Britons should get the faster Archery Range bonus in their 1v1s. When they are in a team game their allies also get faster archery range. This team bonus is a bonus that works in 1v1 and also in Team Games. How about we divide this team bonus into an individual civ bonus (Faster Archery Range) and Team bonus (Allies also get Faster Archery Range). You might be saying, this is the same as before. Well, for britons it is, I’m more talking about civs like Portoguese and Spanish. What if, Spanish gets their team bonus as a team games exclusive bonus (Trades generate mlre gold) and get another new civ bonus (I’m pretty sure the community and devs can get some great ideas) that would help them in their 1v1s too.

TLDR: Each civ’s team bonus should be divided into two parts, 1. A bonus he gets as a CIV bonus and 2. Gets a team game exclusive bonus

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Well the deal is that the Portuguese and Spanish are the only two civs whose civ bonus is useless in 1v1. So doing that for every civ when it’s only those two is eh.

except for incan team bonus which is useless in 1v1 and team games 11


Bohemians too, with faster working markets.

Technically only the Portuguese bonus is useless in 1v1, as Spanish can still trade with enemies.

Bohemians gets guilds, for how little it is worth.


I guess Bohemians can also get Coinage and Banking in 1v1s 11

Bohemian TB is unironically handy if you want to sell at the market before the prices are ruined, you don’t have to wait forever for guilds to complete before doing so.


Unless you are against Saracens, then best of luck

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Berbers Team Bonus is also useless in 1v1, and so is Italians and Vietnamese. Malay bonus is useless on land maps and so is Sicilians and Vikings.

Water team bonuses are no different that normal water bonuses, ofc they aren’t usable without water. And how are team UUs useless in 1v1?

Because your team bonus is useless because you’re not in a team and your civ already has the unit o.O
Berbers already have Genitours, therefore the team bonus of giving Genitours to yourself is pointless, same thing with imperial skirmishers for vietnamese, and condottiero for Italians.

Well no you wouldn’t have those units without the bonus. It’s like saying feitorias or kreposts aren’t bonuses.

Of course you would, it’s part of the tech tree, where it says Unique Units. The units would still be part of the civ even without the bonus.

No, because you can’t get them in full tech tree mode, while you keep the primary UU. It’s listed in the bonus list, so it’s a bonus.

What does that have to do with anything? It’s a civ bonus, just like the range for the Britons. In full tech mode they also don’t get the extra range :man_shrugging:

That’s precisely why it counts as a bonus 11

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But it’s a civ bonus, which makes it useless as a team bonus in 1v1 :stuck_out_tongue: But okay we agree to disagree.

( also with full tech tree the britons can make eagles. )

That’s because eagles aren’t a civ bonus. They just are a unit that tons of civs miss.