What if the Dravidians could get Two-Handed Swordsmen in Castle Age?

The Dravidians typically have a weak Castle Age due to no Knights, weak cavalry, and no Redemption, making them vulnerable to Knight raids and Mangonel pushes. They do get to be very strong in Imperial Age, but they’re not guaranteed to survive that long.

With civs like the Cumans getting Battering Rams early, Burgundians getting Cavaliers early, and Bohemians getting Hand Cannoneers early, I wonder if giving Two-Handed Swordsmen to the Dravidians in Castle Age might help them out. Sure, THS’s are still vulnerable to siege, and it doesn’t help if Knights are all over your economy, but it’d still be a useful idea, potentially shaving time off getting to Champions and providing a Dravidian player with a particularly nasty building and trash killer in Castle Age.

What do you think? Would this be a nice addition for the Dravidians, or do you think the bonus should be for another civilization?


You aren’t fixing the fundamental slowness of the civ though.

I know, but saving time on reaching Champion could be useful.

This buff is sure a welcome one. They should also get

  1. Redemption
  2. Speed boost to Elephants, even though it overlaps with khmer. Do it can be speed boost to elephant archers and armoured elephant by 40%
  3. Two handed swordsman in castle age.
  4. Bloodlines and Husbundry (optional),like Japanese who missed it and got back in the hd edition.

These above changes will make Dravidians play more viable.

The changes above mentioned are from high priority to low priority and only the last one is optional.

Also there is no need to rework on the civ or unit and everything is fine. The only thing they need to rework is on the civ music. I am sure people put a lot of work on creating the music, but updating the music to a new carnatic(south indian) theme will make us happy.

But i am sure devs have something in mind for a creative buff and not the above ones.


What if every non-European region could get their own Units Tree?

  1. American
  2. African
  3. Middle Eastern
  4. South Asian
  5. Far Eastern
  6. Central Asian

+Potentially Eastern European

This is ok, as long as it’s not a civilization bonus.
Maybe a new UT.

Even though I’d prefer to try to drastically increase the regeneration rate and give EBE first than change the UT.


Then the game will not be AoE2.


please no. the similar tech tree is what differentiates aoe2 from aoe3 and aoe4


Sure EBE is accepted since historically Cholas had one of the largest elephant army that is 60000 War elephants in their army at one point of time.

If you want to give a ut for speed then persians should lose mahouts( by increasing war elephants speed by 30% natively) and dravidians should gain it.

Medical corps can be a civ bonus with 30hp per min.

I learned that Medical Corps and Thirisadai are based on fake information on Wikipedia. Okay, UT can be replaced.

Thirisadai, sure. Medical Corps though? That’s such a generic concept, how could it be fake?

Because there aren’t any historical references to support it.
Check the trivia.

Medical Corps is a english word. But there were multiple doctors for animals in chola army to support Elephants and Horses. Renaming it to a tamil/any south indian word that has some referrence to elephant doctor can be accepted.

I heard Thirisadai is a ship from tamil novel( i dont know exactly which one). So it can be true/untrue, since malay had a similar looking ship so it can be true theoretically.
So renaming it to some old tamil battle ship name can be given.

Some history are lost and can be believed only by saying.