What if the gate placement functionality was changed?

Right now, if you go to place a gate foundation over some walls, it deletes the wall as soon as you place the foundation. What do people think of the idea that it only deletes the wall when you start building, to prevent unfortunate and unintended results?


Yes… and pleasr, add the option of default locked gates


Strongly agree, this is consistent with the logic that farm foundations won’t remove chopped trees immediately.


Agree that it would be good change as well

Or adding the lock option on the building foundation, before the actual gate spawns, which I believe is a different entity. I’d like to tag @t-west because he must know if this is true or not (or if it’s doable within the game’s engine), but he is not in this thread.


He is on the forums, it’s just @TWest6709.

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Ok, this seems to have gained a lot of traction, @IkoKnight8151, can we have this looked at by the team?

Is it possible to add locking to foundations through data modding? I don’t know, not sure if people have tried that before.
But it should definitely be possible for the DE devs to add to the game. That’s something I think would be nice.

As for constructing gates in walls… I think it could be a bit weird if the Gates didn’t remove the walls immediately. To replace a wall with any other building, you need to delete the wall first. And that does give opponents an opportunity to sneak in or get on top of where you want to place the foundations and block it. Gates would then be the only building that could “replace” walls instantly without getting blocked.
I think it’s fine as it is right now. You can just build the Gate 1 tile back and then delete a wall tile once the Gate is started. That’s even preferable most of the time, since you have the extra layer of wall still up.


Only that’s deleting, rather than building over the top. If you build over the top, it should really only remove the wall once you get there.

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Maybe offtopic, but it would be usefull change de behaviour when you click in a building behind another building.
Now, no matter how many click you do, always select the «front» building.
It would be nice that selection cycling with each click in the same spot between all closest object to that point…
Nowadays, select f.e. a palisade behind another building is frankly frustrating, plus if you want delet it quickly to make a pass in your wall, to escapeor engage… and this can take you out of a good game experience…


Hi ~

Thank you for your suggestion! I have forwarded it to our team, they will think about it :smiley:


I “think” you’re supposed to be able to Ctrl+click to select buildings behind other buildings. This was a UP feature that I thought was in DE, but I haven’t tested it much.

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I will try. Thanks! …

Yes this is something I want. No more walling only to have enemy run in after gate completes

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OP: Useful suggestion.

Could gates get a slightly different appearance shown only to allies (+self) when they are locked (to see immediately if it’s closed or open)?
This could be handy in multiplayer and now you have to click the gate to find out.
Ofc it should not be exploitable / hackable / cheatable (enemies should never know if a gate is open or closed)


I would disagree to this statement because if you would place a gate over the selected wall, then there may be a chance that the original wall would stay there and not be removed at all and glitching the game by making it so that the gate couldn’t be accessible because the wall would have a 50/50 chance of the one working as a building. But on the bright side the wall before the completed gate would be efficient because then you wouldn’t have to worry about enemies in your walls while building the gate.

We are kind of running on the assumption that it is functionally possible to change in a stable way.