What if the Marauders UT gave an extra bonus to the Huns?

Marauders tends to be skipped by Hun players because they’ll usually go for Knights and/or Cav Archers. Tarkans are only useful against archer civs or for surprise attacks on exposed TCs, and it’s usually not worth it to get Marauders just to spam Tarkans. One or two Castles is usually enough to get them to sufficient numbers (you don’t need 40 to take out a TC).

Huns are already strong, I know. But with how various UT’s got updated (i.e. Inquisition giving +1 range to Missionaries, Greek Fire giving splash damage to Bombard Towers, etc.), it makes me wonder if the Huns could get Marauders updated to give some extra bonus effect. Maybe it could be something like bonus damage versus Villagers, or gaining bonus Food whenever Hunnic melee cavalry (NOT Cav Archers) kill Villagers, Monks or Trade units.

I’d personally go with the bonus damage versus Villagers on Tarkans. They’re supposed to be a raiding cavalry, but they aren’t nearly as good as Knights or Cav Archers at picking off Villagers.

But what do you think? Should Marauders have an additional effect?


Tarkans need plunder mechanic for taking down stone defenses.

Yeah let’s give more buffs to one of the best civs in the game because they need it.

They are supposed to be anti-building.

And that’s also where I would try to buff them, just increase the bonus damage until they see more utilization.

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