What if the Ottoman Istanbul Imperial Palace landmark can hold relics in game? Since in real life, it hold the relics of Prophet Muhammad. Do you Think that it will make the Fast Castle - Relic Rush viable for the Ottomans in Castle Age?

Istanbul imperial palace is based on Topkapi Palace of Istanbul, Turkey. This is where the relics of Prophet Muhammad are housed.

Do you think that giving this landmark the ability to hold scared relics in game will make it a viable landmark for Castle Age? Along with Field Work vizier bonus which gives you 2 imams. I think it would make fast castle - sacred relics viable. What do you think?


Not too sure you need that. Field works gives you 2 free imams and while you typically use them with pushes, you can just as well send them to relics if you want to.

Ottos arent designed as a religious civ to begin with anyway so adding a whole new direction would take away from the existing problems with ottos. Imperial Observatory is in more need of improvements anyway.

This is historically accurute but devs dont want historically accurance. They dont do even jans historically so they wont do that.

tbh, not an bad idea, will make the imperial palace a much more attractive contender against the meme factory.

Cool idea also historically accurate. This landmark didnt exist except someone build it by mistake. It definetly needs a buff just like english king landmark.