What if there was a "cancel current action" hotkey?

So what I’m thinking with this idea would be to have a second hotkey like the stop command. But it only removes the currently queued action. The point is, it maintains the shift queued tasks. So if you want to build a ton of walls quickly partially, you can shift queue them all, hit the wall once, hit the hotkey, the vil stops their current action of building the wall, and instead of cancelling their entire action queue, moves onto building the next tile. What do people think?


I don’t see how it’s easier than just clicking each wall foundation? You have to manually click once for each tile anyway right?

You have to move the mouse when clicking, which greatly increases the chances of messing up if you do it wrong. It’s not just about walling though, there’s things like when you accidentally hold down shift when you tell lumberjacks to build a ton of stuff, and then you have to click them through all the buildings, because they don’t go and do it when you finish issuing the commands.


I don’t see why not.

Any hotkey additions no matter how niche are a good thing in my opinion. Players can just unassogn what they personally don’t use

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I like the Idea…

especially will work for me when I have a group of villagers building several buildings and I realize that one of the buildings or farm is not a priority and can wait for last…

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