What if there was no elephant armour class?

Replaced simply with the cavalry class. How much stronger would elephants become if this was the case? Halberdiers would do less bonus damage for example.

I know you love war elephants in your kind of games, but this is too far. They would have literally no counter. If anything, the elephant class should be split into two, one for war elephants, and one for battle elephants, which should take less damage.


War elephants alone would become practicslly unstoppable unless your opponrnt goes mass monk.

Even assuming halbs are still effective against them, the sheer number you would need to win would eat up pop space.
Battle elephants wouldnt be as bad obviously but im not sure you could call it balanced.

I agree with the abovd. Two elephant armor classes

And monks just aren’t very viable lategame. Persians also have fully upgraded hussars from memory, so monks will have a very low life expectancy. I can’t see halbs doing very well against elephants any more, it will literally take about 20 hits to kill a fully upgraded elite war elephant, literally double the current.


Halberdiers would barely counter them, especially in a mass vs mass situation.

Elephants do need some attention, but that’s not the way to do it.

I suggest just changing their armor from:
Normal: 1/2 Elite: 1/3
Normal: 0/3 Elite: 1/3

No reason for Elephant to have armor that scales similarly to the Knight line, whole different unit.

For me, if we get a battle elephant armor (could be assigned to Elephant Archer too), the bonus to spearman, pike and halb would be (15+12), (22+15) and (32+20)

This ain’t much but would deal a decent damage