What if worker didn't take population

Say what if villager didn’t take population slot but have build limit of 90, and 20 limit for the fishing boat?

Regarding how the limit works, everyone start at 10 villager limit, increased by 10 for each house and town center building until it reach the 90 limit cap. So a house give 10 population space as well increase villager train limit by 10.

Then by doing this, the original 200 population space is only used for training military unit

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This will require fundamentally rebalancing the military stats. If you want to play with large and completely imba armies, there’s some mods for that.


No sorry. Play total war games if you want big army, the game can’t handle it.

I always find it funy when people want to completely redesign the core system of a nearly 20 y o game.


Population and build limits are there often not so much for balance reasons but because the game engine can’t handle more.


It’s both actually.
But you can still reach 300-400 population on certain maps with a snowbally revolution like Romania.

But if we did remove the limits and we also improved the engine, it would still be needed to totally rebalance the units. Just imagine strolling around with 50 heavy cannons.

Or revolts becoming a 300 pop army push.

I think that for the fishermen it is not a bad idea. They could have a limit of 30 and no population cost.