What improvements should AOE3:DE have?

does this also apply to the editor? I think normally there are 2 players and if I increase it to 8 and regenereate the map does it get larger?

If you increase the number of players and re-generate the scenario from some map, yes, it will execute the map script same way as in a normal game and spawn a massive map in the scenario editor.

However, note that the “Size” option in scenario editor has no effect on practically any current map. It is a remnant from AoM; AoE3 maps typically don’t implement a second possible size that would respect this option.


The most important improvements:

  • Some updated graphics such as a new building destruction animation and better looking units when zoomed in.
  • New balance patch for PVP (and the cards).
  • New maps (size when fighting 1v1 should be adjustable) and civs.

Four things I’ve wanted to change since day one. This is from the perspective of a more casual player and a rather large groups of friends who have played this game for a long time:

  • Being able to build a gate and a wall on a trading route in such a way that you can ‘close’ your fortress.
  • Walls having improved visuals (the ones you had in the missions for example).
  • Able to adjust the maximum popululation to more than 200 (optional! in interface; so 200 can stay the same for competitive PVP).
  • No more limit on outposts. This will not be gamebreaking; it just feels like you can make a more interesting fortress (which often appeals to the more casual players).

Actually my last friend leaved game without getting OoS error, and i didn’t rewarded my 2 level up’s.

Sometimes your troops can’t get in transport ship and stays near ship because of little bit highness(i guess) i am not talking about hills of course, probably ship can’t get closer because of water is shallow i guess; also sometimes transport ships don’t like the surface area so they just change the supply point.

Yes, i love whales too.
Also i added some more things to end of my article, check it out.

Some of the things I want have been mentioned here already, but my full list:

1. Larger scope: I’m not sure how they can do this without completely re-doing the base game, but the scale of the conflict/ towns being built needs to be bigger. It needs to move away from the feeling of just being a small outpost for some other kingdom, as this is supposed to be MY kingdom.

2. Walls need to act like walls: as @Laustimus said. It was not a huge deal in AOE 2 because hand gunners were hardly the most common unit, so walls still had a very effective defensive value to them. In AOE 3, just about everything has a gun. In a game like this, you need to have some kind of cover mechanic, even something as basic as wells blocking lines of fire. It would also give archers some reason to exist, giving them the unique ability to shoot over obstacles.

3. Better visual distinction between units: It’s a little harder to pick units apart in AOE 3 than it is in the previous titles. More importantly, the specific role of the unit is hard to tell at a glance, with the exception of exclusively melee units (obviously).

4. Ability to set up multiple AI opponents of the same country: I really disliked how restrictive offline skirmish setup was…

5. Allow players to build castles and town centers without limit/ without needing limited imports. Sometimes it’s just fun to build towns and stuff…

6. Bring back player trade lanes: I was not a fan of the pre-set NPC trade routes replacing town-to-town trading. As an additional function, perhaps, but I want to see player built commerce return. Again, it just does so much for the feel of building kingdoms…

7. Overhaul the aesthetic of the Indian units: Look, I know historically, the game covers the time period of India being a colony of the East India company, and then the British Empire proper. However, if you’re going to make a civ in an Age game, it shouldn’t be “those guys who are a colony of XYZ”. Turn them into one of the Rajput kingdoms, many of which were still around during the East India Company days. This would allow them to retain much of the architectural aesthetic, while also allowing their units to look more unique than the khaki clad British sepoys. I wouldn’t want them being turned into the Mughals simply because we already have the middle-eastern kingdoms, with which there would be a little too much overlap.

While we’re on the subject of the Indian units; what the ■■■■ is the sepoy using as a sword? That is most certainly not a tulwar…

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Hmm, why are you supposed to have kingdoms in AoE3? That doesn’t sound right to me, the whole idea of the game is that you have a smaller colony receiving shipments from the main home city…


My point about kingdoms is what makes an Age of Empires game for me. The fact that AOE 3 made it “just an outpost” diminished a lot of the feel of the game for me.

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It was disappointing to only have a max of 2 teams, and F4A in AOE 3. They should make so we can play 2v2v2v2.

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Yea. Btw this feature is available in ESOC Patch.

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What middle-eastern kingdom we’ve got in AOE3? If the Indians would be turned into Rajput kingdom, there will be no middle-eastern civ in AOE3.

The Ottomans say hi. They are also certainly more “middle eastern” than the Indian one, which, going by its buildings, isn’t even supposed to be mid-eastern.

What do you want to do with the Ottomans?

You can make 2v2v2v2 matches in ESOC and Wars of Liberty Mod

Server-based gameplay, more civs from the era like Habsburg Austria and Sweden and tools for modders to easily port their mods and scenarios to DE. There are a lot of folks who like playing them, believe it or not :slight_smile:

Also N A T I V E L I N U X S U P P O R T

@Shinjux3 Nothing at all. I was responding to @SameCylinder301 . I should probably have tagged him in the response…

I think middle-eastern one are more of Persians, Uzbeks, or nations like that. Ottomans in my opinion is ‘near-east’.


@SameCylinder301 Well, historically, they are counted as Middle East, correct me if I’m wrong. Certainly on a cultural level, they are far more aligned with the mid-east than everyone else on the stage, Indian faction included.

Either way, my main point was that introducing an Indian civ that’s a bit closer to one of the more local sides, rather than one of the colonizing forces (Persians/ Turks and British) would be nice. Again, I just found it odd that an entire civilization was designed around the point where it was not one of the several local or independent factions.

With that said; in -addition- to that, I would not mind seeing a proper Mughal empire faction too. Of all the dominant forces, the Mughals might actually have the best reason to be shown in an AOE 3 era game. I am, however, a sucker for Rajput and Sikh aesthetics, so I’d love to see them instead of the current faction.


Please make Imperial level units visually different to Guard level units.



  • Regicide on every map (not just one map)

Pins on a map that can be removed. Not just flares.