What improvements should AOE3:DE have?

As a ten years AOE3 player,IMO the first thing should be the remake of the unit models .AOE3 have beautiful graphic but when you zoom the camera closely, the models become too rough.

Second, the artistic design of European empires are too similar.Even Ottoman have only a few unqiue building models and unit models.Wish original European empires in AOE3DE could reference a little ideas from Warchief and Asian Dynasties.So the whole game could have uniform style.

Third, remake the card system.Waste time to unlock cards is nonsense.This is a RTS.Just give me all the cards at first and delete the low level cards. Also there are too many underpowered cards. Maybe very fun, but underpowered.They will never have any chance to be used in PVP game. What a waste. Please combine some of them and redesign some of them.So the card strategy could be much more various.

Four,new civs please! AOE2DE have 35 civs. At least give us 2-3 new civs.Personly, Persian empire will be amazing.Also a new campaign about the war between Safavid and Moghul will be interesting.

Five,redesign some extremely unhistorical elements.For example, Janpan have the most powerful Musketeers, even more powerful than British, Ottoman and Moghul.What a terrible joke.

Anything else?

  • Improved Graphics
  • New civs/Campaign/Maps
  • Reworked Homecity Mechanic
  • Balance Changes
  • Bug Fixes
  • ELO Ladders
  • Anticheat
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Spectator Mode
  • Better AI

I’m sure others from AoE3 community have more complete and organized lists out there, I’ll just put down quickly a couple things that are personally bugging me about the online experience and bugs. Some may seem small, but they are small things that you encounter every day and the frustration is building up.

-Give a decent multiplayer experience. Eliminate all forms of cheating, from known programs, to silent eco boosts, to free market upgrades, to Out of Sync incidents that are actually caused by players, to even invitation spamming that can be abused.
-Too many multi accounts, apparently some have found ways to reproduce new accounts without cost and also selling them.
-Fix lobby bugs that don’t let players enter
-Extend the friend/pest lists
-Make the private messages that you received during a game visible after its end, or even during it. Right now there is no way to know that you received a message since it never pops up.
-Give a spectator mode.
-Possibility to mute a player in game.
-In-game elo ladders.
-Better balance between the civs.
-Explorer’s awakening with ALT+D/G.
-Gates can’t be made if a villager stands in front of that wall part or building right next to it-very frustrating.
-Players playing a scenario appear as being Green-online and not In-game in friend list.
-Sound goes to maximum after you minimize the game window and return back.
-Extend clan messaging board
-Possibility to apply to a clan
-Frequent server disconnects
-Occasionally units will get stuck in a native TP settlement and TC’s may spawn to wrong locations.

I’m sure there’s more, that’s probably just a fraction of what else is out there.


There was a fantastic mod that added various unused GFX to units after they were upgraded, so there were unique visual differences from one tier to the next. That would be a good start.

I’d also like some improved flags.

Also, following in the steps of the new civs in AoE II… what about adding the Italians and Swedes as new civs in AoE III? There are clear arguments for both, and in fact Garibaldi could have his own campaign in South America.


One nation that I would very much like to see is Austria. Either as Austrian Empire or Habsburg monarchy, or Austro-Hungarian empire, whatever suits the setting best.
Austrians also hold the world record of wars against the Ottomans, not even Russia surpasses that. Dont know how they missed them.

  • Better servers and connection.
    Servers should located on the world, not on host players. Players waiting at the start because one of the players have bad bandwidth. Also that causes in game freezes too much that makes game unplayable.
    Also i see mostly European (Germany, Turkey, France, mostly), American, Canadian players.
    Servers needed to locate wisely.

  • In Lobby Ping Indicator needs to be fixed.
    Pingy guy with bad connection looks red or yellow on other players’ screen, but when we check at pingy guy’s screen everyone looks pingy except pingy guy. Not important, but its a bug.

  • Multiplayer Game suddenly freezes and everyone needs to restart game, no winner, no solution.
    This needs fix.

  • Out of Sync error needs to be fixed.
    It happens any time in game but not frequently, let me give you example: i won a game and i was viewing postgame, everything looks normal for now. When i wanted to return to menu and Boom Out of Sync. No XP, no win, no level up. Only wasted 4 and a half hour. Also happens in-game.
    That hurts a bit

  • Players can be reconnect to disconnected game.
    Your dog chewed your ethernet cable? Well done you need new ethernet cable, you disconnected, and can’t re-connect so your colony have been resigned by your chihuahua.

  • FAILED TO JOIN GAME error fix.
    Well, this is the most annoying, most famous and most important one. You can’t join a server or neither no one can join your server when this error happens you. One of the fixes is restarting game, other is using vpn (kinda port thing). And you must play with VPN if you connect via phone’s hotspot/tethering, otherwise all you can do is rollin’ at server screen.

  • Transporting with ship may have bugs because of surface shapes.
    This bug needs fix.

  • AoE III to AoE III:D. E. Player profile and data transfer
    It would be really good if we can move our data/player profile to definitive edition. Our decks, home cities, cards, everything.

  • More card slot and better interface at home city deck editor.
    After 2 hours of game, you have no card left with lots of shipments and your in game XP Enchancers wasted. 25 Card limit is too low. Also home city and deck interface needs new look. It looks complicated, also Cards Menu needs filter for “sorting”, “tickboxes for team-applying, unit, imrovement cards”, “filter by name” and “unlock when leveled up tickbox” options.

  • New Colonies, new cards
    Civilizations like Polishes and Persians would be awesome.

  • Polished character portraits
    Of course they will polish graphics but character portraits looks weird.

  • More mod support
    Actually with steam workshop i think more mods will be waiting for us. There’s so many unique aoe3 mods right now like risk, foodwoodgold, colloseum and more!

  • Interface needs some polish.
    Not the civilization one.

  • Sound bugs after minimizing game
    Needs fix

  • Gate bug that if an unit is too close to wall, you can’t build gate.
    That needs fix too

Thanks for reading, also if any community staff reading this, i would be loved and pleased to help Age of Empires III Definitive Edition better and greater.

Can’t wait to play it, Bye!.

EDITED&ADDED: 19/06/2019

  • Advanced Match Menu
    In Lobby, there should be a menu that allows Lobby creator to set population, build near enemy town center locks, fort or outpost limits, villager limits, troop and cavalry limits, Diplomacy Boolean etc.

  • Diplomacy Mod
    In-Game, like FFA, everyone at different team but if we can set up allies would be really good. I remember this option in a game or game mod.

  • Twisting before placing buildings
    Some mods allow you to do that(before placing, you can roll with mousewheel) actually AoE3:DE needs this for building aesthetically also helps to build houses better. I remember we can twist at scenario editor.

We all know Dev’s can’t do all of the wishes we want because of workload, but we would be grateful if even our some wishes became true.
Thanks for reading.


Mongols and Mamluks wouldn’t make sense as civs for the AoE III era, although the Mamluk is actually a mercenary unit (which is fine) already.


Not good at history, sorry i will edit it.


That’s cool, don’t worry.

Like I say, my suggestions would be Swedes and Italians, but Poles and Persians would work also.


This is all fantastic feedback, everyone. As a note—for the issues you posted—it would be great to have bug threads for each over in the bug reporting section:

This will help me organize, categorize, and reference issues as we escalate them to the team.

Thanks for the feedback; keep it coming! =)


Bigger maps, better zoom out. (Yes I know how to zoom out all the way on current setup. Still feels claustrophobic.)

I wish there was a way to have more “empire” in AoE 3. Some of the high end capabilities with the OP civ bonuses in age 5 start to feel like you have an empire, but usually the game is over by the time you get to use those.

I like some of the comments about reshuffling and improving the cards system.


Well, that’s not really a bug, the color indicates your ping towards each other player. If your connection is terrible, you will have red ping towards everyone in the room. This gives you good indication that the game will lag. However, if server-based multiplayer is actually implemented, then yes, this wouldn’t be useful anymore.

Sounds like what you’re referring to here is the ESO servers going down while you were playing a match. It is impossible to OOS a game that ended, as far as I know.

Don’t know what this is about, can you clarify what’s the issue? Perhaps make a thread for it as Evangelos suggests.


A small thing: While I have no idea if they will redraw the unit portraits/icons or not. I hope they can fix the wrong design of Doppelsoldner’s zweihander sword: parrying hooks on the handle rather than on the blade

https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Doppelsoldner#Trivia :

  • On the Doppelsoldner’s profile image the smaller set of handguards is near the zweihänder’s handle. In real life, the smaller guards are the farthest away from the handle, and are located in the ricasso, away from the swordsman’s hands.


also a small thing:
I hope that in single player skirmish mode, we can select one Civ for more than one player, i.e. can play a British vs. British game in single player skirmish mode,

Also hope that there would be graphical changes on units via technologis or cards. For example Musketman would have no bayonet on his weapon model until the Socket Bayonet technolgy in Arsenal is researched, Solingen Steel card could give the Doppelsoldner a new weapon model, etc.

As a modder myself, I can say that this is technically totally possible in Aoe3 engine.

This feature would not only provide more eye candy stuff but can also visually tell players the technology situation of an unit.

can we have maps set in European continent?

Imperial level units visually different to Guard level units.

Diplomacy mechanic.


I have played Age of Empires 3 for countless hours. There were many things that bothered me, that I believe should be fixed in the DE version.
1: The Ottomans lacked unit diversity; I felt that the other European powers always had an advantage over it and they had more units.
2: the way buildings collapse should be improved, by showing damage to building slowly increasing as its health deteriorates.
3: lack of African civilizations. In this sense, how about include Morroco, which existed during that time. Or, some other African nations which adopted the muskets from Europeans?
4: More maps in nice notable areas
5: improve the cards system, which I found to be, at times, annoying.
6: improve unit detail and looks, like for the musket
7: improve unit combat detail
8: larger zoom out with bigger maps
9: Notable power difference between civilizations. I did, indeed, complain about ottoman lack of unit diversity, as I felt they were too weak compared to their European counterparts. Meanwhile, I fail to understand why countries in Asia or even the native Americans, have the ability to beat their European counterparts. Perhaps, civilizations that were lacking in technology at the time, should be given other features that will allow them to win over the Europeans. like more faster unit building for native musketeer units, but less firepower, accuracy or damage. This will allow the natives to build a larger amount of units to overwhelm the more powerful Europeans, which would seem more realistic. Or, simply make it cheaper for them to build horse units. This is just a suggestion, I believe, should be taken into consideration.


The Ottomans and Iroquois are actually by far the strongest civilizations on the official patch, and have been commonly banned from tournament play when tournaments were still held on the official patch.

This is already exactly how building damage works. Are you by chance not playing on max graphics settings?

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I did say that collapse in buildings, during an attack, should be improved. I found it in some buildings, especially small ones, to lack in detail.
Now as for the Ottomans, I never watched tournaments, so I did not know they were banned from them. I was speaking from my experience, perhaps I did not play with the ottomans properly. My apologies in this regard.
As for the Iroquois, I was aware that they are powerful; hence why I stated that the natives cannot logically be as powerful as other civilizations.


For me, there was only one huge disappointment when I started playing AoE3: The tiny maps.
After playing the huge maps of AoE2, this took away so much of my pleasure. Those small maps prevented the making of good campaigns. Everything on the maps could be discovered within a few minutes. No suprises left, no exploring possibilities, no options to extend the first tasks in a campaign map to other areas in that map.
I completed the campaign of AoE3 and after that, ran back to AoE2 and regretfully never felt the need to come back to AoE3…


On the official patch, Iroquois、Japaneses、Indians are super OP civs. Ottomans?Only third-rate civ, easily used for newbee.

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The thing with AoE3 maps is that their size changes dynamically according to the number of players. ES also included a few maps in “Large” version that have more tiles by default. I would say try to load an 8-player FFA on any Large map and you will see it gets massive!

Well, that doesn’t seem to be the consensus among competitive community. Ottomans and Iroquois were the only two civs banned from last tournament held on official patch.


and delete the low level cards. Also there are too many underpowered cards. Maybe very fun, but underpowered.They will never have any chance to be used in PVP game. What a waste. Please combine some of them and redesign some of them.So the card strategy could be much more various.

Can not agree on this. Please keep in mind that Aoe3 is not only about PVP, any design should consider all aspects of the game rather than just PVP.