What is a good worker count/split?

I’m completely new to this game and I’m wondering what is a good worker count for the early game, mid game, and late game, and how many should I split on gold / wood / food generally?


As soon as I spawn I make a house and a mine. Four vills gather from the starting sheep (or berries if you’re an Islamic civ). Next two villagers produced I put on wood, and at ten population I throw the vill on food. From there you can just spew out vills from the TC according to what strat you’re going for. Just make sure to get stone in the fuedal or castle age with around 3-5 vills.

I’m not a person who specializes in build orders so it may be worse than others, but I usually just learn by seeing what’s most efficient. The game is a little overwhelming since I came from AoM.