What is AoE III: DE?

The beta for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition started today, however how much do we know about the game? Very little.

I would really like to see a teaser video or blog post revealing some info about the game for those of us who were not selected for the first beta test. It doesn’t have to be much. Just something which introduces us to the game and makes us excited for release.

Does anyone else find the silence on Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition strange? I had expected to hear some info about the game before the first beta invites were sent.


from what i can see trailer for AOE2 first came out in june, we dont know when AOE3DE will release but lets be optimistic and say in 4-5 months, in that case i would guess a trailer should be out in like 2 months.

btw i guess selection for the beta truly was random.

Unfortunately, I was not selected for AOE3DE Beta first round.

I think that’d, ideally, be cool… but you know how such releases go for this franchise or any other video game. There are so many opinions, that along with lots of good praise, there will be a lot of negative opinions and ‘fix this, fix that, don’t do this, don’t do that’… which could cloud their ability to focus on the beta and feedback generated from people actually playing the game.

Granted, all feedback can be good, productive, and needed… and such releases can build some nice hype. But I think they’d want to see how players feel with testing it first before releasing such media and opening the floodgates on feedback from people who haven’t tried it yet. – Unless that’s the type of feedback they want at this time. Just the small snippets of AoEIV released and you’ve seen all the comments on that!

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Darkness01101 is right. There is a reason for not opening Aoe3DE to the public eye just yet.
Aoe2DE was a pretty big stepup from regular aoe2 SO having that in mind lets all get Hyped for Aoe3DE. Keeping fingers crossed I get the beta! :grinning: :grinning:


I really want to know if they are adding new Nations


and I really want to know if they’re adding new monster trucks


Thanks, Darkness, for your reply. I can understand the team waiting for the pieces to fall in place before making a big announcement for the game. Even so, I would still like to know what the motivation is for making this remaster. The fans need something to get excited about.

I have a feeling AoE III: DE is going to be the toughest sell for Age fans out of all the DEs because the current version runs just fine on a wide variety of display resolutions and Windows 10 without any compatibility patches. Therefore the team is going to have to make AoE III: DE very compelling over the current version for there to be much interest. I hope they can address most if not all of the popular suggestions to take AoE III to the next level.

Also at some point I think it’s inevitable that ESO will be taken offline. It’s just a matter of when. This may push some players to DE.


I don’t know, but I need a screenshot. Or a game trailer. God please !! I really want to see how that is

I’m sorry, I’m very anxious sometimes xD

Are they???

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well i hope recive the beta soon

I think that would be awesome if we could bring our old age 3 ESO account to this new AGE3 DE

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I think(hope) they’ll give an easier way to lvl up HC, since the gaming world evolved much since aoe3 old days and treaty players / late game players just don’t want to start leveling much HC to play different civs instead of grinding just one from the latest tier

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