What is C:4\reliccardinal_ws.exe?

hi, each time I start the game windows defender ask about this here


its not located on my pc?

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Its the game exe file mate

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i have the same issue. Can you help me?

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my game is not on the C drive, it is on the D drive.

i have the same problem sinds today i have played 20 hours and now when i start the last mission 5 mins in game and dan black screen with this error can some help?

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reliccardinal.exe is the game(AOE4). _ws probably means windows store version.

okay i have now for 2 hours no black screen more and the pop up but i did nothing strange?

how can you fixed?
or what did you did?

Same error multiple times while playing the campaign.

anyone fix that ???

Hey all; if you’re seeing this please to contact support with your warnings.log file. Thanks!