What is "Highest Achieved?" and player icon border colours

When you look into a players stats I initially wanted to know the meaning behind the colour of the border of the player icons. Most being a kind of bronze like mine but I saw a player I played had more of a silver colour and the best players seem to be gold. For every single players however the “Highest Achieved” seems to be “Bronze” which must be some kind of bug right? unless it’s related to campains or something?

So the main things I want to know are:

What is the meaning of “Highest Achieved” and what is the meaning of the border colour on player icons?


i never paid attention to this but now i am intrigued

I’m 99% sure it’s for campaigns and/or The Art of War

Edit: I think I’m wrong (well I didn’t say 100% sure, did I? 11) I have all campaigns complete in gold and only Bronze highest achieved

No idea what it means then

Looks like multiplayer stats and the Elo rating isn’t here, so maybe a tier-level of the maximum Elo reached ?

I thought so too, but it seems like the screenshot OP took shows that the viper has reached only bronze, which is kind of weird independent of the metrics they use. Could have something to do wit h campaigns, but I think the viper also played a bunch of campaigns on stream

Oh, didn’t realise it was THE Viper.

When you play on different computers sometimes the medal does not register on others. Despite playing all the campaigns and winning them all without cheatcodes, I did that on different PCs so some still appear without a medal.

So maybe he didn’t play all on hard on the same computer.