What is marketing of steamdb

The look this for steamdb images of new dlc is to new civilization and explorer pack vol 2 DLC now

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Do you think is a new civ, or you are sure?


Guys, it’s the explorer pack vol 2 DLC. Calm down. There’s not a new civ coming out right now.


No, this is are sure i see it is explorer pack vol 2 DLC Now the new civilization needs to take its time

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they didnt updated that depot for the volume 1, tho

It’s going to be a new expansion I can feel it. The cosmetic pack will also come out probably with the next patch but all of this will culminate with an expansion announcement.


Why would they update vol 1 when they bring vol2 ?
It’s its own dlc therefore it’s on database

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They mean that the marketing didn’t get updated when vol1 was released, so it getting updated when vol2 gets released would be more than a bit odd.

Unless they want to create a bundle with Hero skins DLCs on Steam?

Don’t get me wrong, but marketing was freshly added ^^?
Or am I high lol

I thought it was new at first as it wasn’t on the list of branches I pulled on April 20th, but it turns out it has existed since 2020 and was first seen right before the game came out. Since then it has only ever been utilized for about 1-2 weeks prior to each of the civilization DLCs releasing, and was last seen with Knights of the Mediterranean.

Presuming the branch is used for granting early access to media outlets or similar effect, it could be heralding a new civ DLC like it historically has been, or perhaps something else that is changing the face of the game and needs promotion like the “Age Pass” datamined on AoE II’s PUP.


Oops we are in the oven if they put in a season pass…

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