What is Russia's best FF strategy?

Been grinding the 1v1 supremacy ladder with Russia, then I played some casual team games. But in team games, it seems like barely anyone rushes in Age 2, so everybody typically goes FF.

I’ve had some success with quickly massing oprichniks in Age 3 and unleashing scary raids while allies mass normal armies. But it feels like a predictable, 1-trick pony.

What do you do when Russia hits age 3?

And is going full eco (3 TC’s asap) a viable strat that has worked for you?

depends how serious you want to play

There is the old russian atp build that is usually used for FF or more standard age 3 play, which iirc just replaces distributivism in age 1 with ATP and then try and get full control.

The other one is Suvorov reform timing where you spam as much strelet as possible in age 2 and then transform them all to musket near the opponent’s base for a death push

As for team games, seems a bit strange to me that people are just going FF cause for me its either an age 2 grind match or someone quits over age 2 cav raids