What is the active player base for supremacy?

I can see in the lader that just 4700 players are registered, does this includes player with just 1-2 games?

This is very limited if true, a bit disheartening for such a polished game.

The numbers will increase more with the African Expansion.
The patches solved numerous bugs that were fatal, still some like units getting stuck at trading posts need fixing, but overall the playerbase is slowly incresing again.

I checked team ladder and its 5700, in aoe 2 there are those cool metadata pages that can give such info as elo distribution etc

Actually it’s even less, lots of people have multiple accounts for example a player called don artie has an account called don Artie, an account called destah, and account called water needs more fish, and many more, he’s not the only one he’s just one example, if you look on the ladder you can kind of tell by the usernames what accounts are smurfs like public enemy #1 and Oreo for example

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smurfmania is a craze in aoe 2 too, especially top accounts

It’s pretty obvious from looking at the ladder that you need to play 10 games before it includes you. Also that’s just for ranked games, I see people all the time in the unranked lobbies who have never played a ranked game, or people who exclusively play team games instead of 1v1, etc.