What is the Age of Empires series?Rhythm of the game,Gameplay advice

The game needs to strengthen the early confrontation. Mongol lancers were not used in the early days, but needed to be upgraded when they were used in Age 2, costing more resources than other civilizations. Early game according to the fixed development route without the slightest forces against. Age 3 seems to be the focus of the game, because the swordsman comes in age 3. Why not introduce a new unit that can replace the swordsman at the beginning, one that can replace the swordsman without being restrained by archers? It’s too expensive to use a swordsman like British Era 1. Making swordsmen and lancers in age 1 meant spending too much food to get to the next age. So the early period focuses on the development era.

I suggest lowering the cost of building armies to facilitate light confrontations that are effective up front. It’s not. It’s built to stop the development of opposing bases. The scope of the game should be the entire map, not the protection of the town center.

In our Age of Empires series, age 1 had to build fences for defense, Age 2 had to build walls for defense, and Age 3 had to build castles for defense. Age of Empires IV has completely deviated from this gaming tradition. There is no need to build fences in Age of Empires iv, but fortifications directly into Age iii. No sense of the game’s history at all.

Earlier villagers had no choice but to eat mutton or build timber mills to gather berry bushes (individual races). The process of gathering these two resources is so boring. I suggest strengthening the hunting of the villagers in the early stage, as we all know that primitive people live by hunting. Human civilization developed from hunting to animal husbandry. Perhaps Age of Empires iv began with the animal husbandry era. The point of hunting is to get gold, not food.

The game is like Warcraft 3, with a fixed resource point or two. There is no fence. Expect to reinforce the importance of hedgerows in era 1. Age of Empires 4 is the age of Empires series.
我建议降低打造军队的成本,来促进前期有效的轻微对抗。而不是, 打造军队是为了阻止对方基地的发展 。博弈的范围应该是整张地图,而不是城镇中心的保护范围。
我们的帝国时代系列游戏,应该是时代1必须建造篱笆来防御,时代2可以建造城墙来防御,时代3是建造城堡来防御。而帝国时代4已经完全偏离了这个游戏传统。 在帝国时代4里面无需建造篱笆,而是直接进入时代3之后建造城堡来防御。完全没有的游戏的历史感受。
游戏就像魔兽争霸3一样,固定的一两个资源点位。没有篱笆。期望加强时代1需要篱笆墙的重要性。这样的帝国时代4才是帝国时代系列游戏 。

Before the rank system. I would like to see a very rich improvement in the flexibility of the game. Avoid monotonous and rigid gameplay. There is no magic in this game, only tactical execution. So flexibility and variety are very important for games.
在排位系统出现前。我希望能够游戏的灵活性能有一次非常丰富地改进。 避免游戏玩法地单调,死板。 这个游戏没有魔法,只有靠地是战术地执行。所以灵活并且丰富对于游戏非常重要。

I think the possibility of using the fence should be strengthened, not weakened mongolians.In this way, Mongolian play can be unique.

To keep the fence from being too strong. Create a technology that can destroy fences in an instant.
我认为应该加强篱笆的使用可能性,而不是把蒙古人变弱。 这样蒙古的玩法才能独特。

I strongly suggest that ambush tactics can work. That’s how the actual trailer made me feel.

Please strengthen the game play. Let the soldiers fight on the walls。