What is the craziest strat you have ever seen in AOE2 DE?

I have seen some wild things but the wildest thing I have seen so far is the healing Teutonic fortress strategy. How about you?

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On 4 lakes with Bulgarians i have an extra annoying 2 barracks with towers feudal attack that works out nicely. If you start building militia early you have some pretty overwhelming number come feudal. If rhe guy is trying for a mid feudal strat you can just win with numbers. You have to attack houses to keep the population down and their fams as that is a large wood set back. And never let them on gold or to build a market.


If you like the healing teutonic fortress, then you might also like similar LEL strategies.

Just have a look at the ongoing games with an average Elo below 1000k and you see more stupid strats like the healing teutonic fortress strategy.


Some other fun games he casted. Maybe you can find more games of these players and cast those:

Thanks I actually have a wall video coming up pretty soon and I do TC dropping myself but you got douched is LEL for fore

do you have a video of this strat?

Trushing in DE (RIP Towers - you were nerfed so noobs can execute their build order they learned and win with picking Britians the 12901th time getting to an elo they never deserve to be)

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yah with Incas down its dead for sure :frowning: didnt like that in the new update

premiering the Teutonic fortress strategy now if you want to check it out How to Defend with Minimal Resources by Teutonic Fortress - YouTube

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I think towers should be used defensively rather than offensively so I’m glad tower rushing is gone.


and thats a totally valid perspective thats how you like to play the game. Without tower rushing. I am not the biggest fan of tower rushing but I do remember that from 15-20 years ago that people would do that. What I am trying to say is I like the nostalgia of it and because of this I am sad its gone.

Tower rushing isn’t dead, Spanish, Koreans, Incas and even Teutons can do it. Krepost/Donjon drops also say hi.
And imagine saying Towers shouldn’t be used offesnively when Castle dropping is still as the offensive fortress (Cysion if you read this PLS DON’T LISTEN THE INGLORIOUS THAT WANT THAT GONE alongside Persian douche lol) and in AOE 1 when the Babylonians, Romans, Shang and Choson can do scary tower rushing.

I like to be proven wrong. I tried so hard to do a Korean tower rush and I simply couldnt do it. Incas also dont have the tool any more in my opinion as they dont get the upgrades for their villagers till castle age. If you have a good tower rush game that you played or know of I would love to see it.

Best thing to do is quick wall the towers so vills can’t take down all fast, though requieres practice.
And keep in mind the player would send a good amount of vills to destroy the towers,=idle eco, which can be disastrous.

I ve heard about the Bulgarians MaA-Tower rush, which is deadly.


I used to do it all the time but I cant get it to work anymore between tower hp being lowered and Incas being nerved I feel like you just villager fight any tower drop at this point

maybe I will try it with Bulgarians I like them a lot.

Bulgarians tower rush with maa works super nice just build the wall around the base and target gold stone and berries use the maa to kill off woodlines and houses. Also build that barracks super foward and dont forget supplis as it will help keep cost down.

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do you have a video of this?

On an old patch my arm was broke the last time 4 lakes was 1v1

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My point being is that Towers weren’t nerfed because they were OP, but because they weren’t liked. Back in WK you never saw trush in major tournaments except the ones to punish turtling. (I mean except that one time where Koreans had 50% faster built Towers and they were pick or ban)

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yah need it on a new patch sadly

I agree but just because something isnt liked it shouldnt be banned in my opinion