What is the defense against Mongols?


What is the defense against Mongols ?

It’s unfair

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Archers for mangudai, getting 100 gold before they tower rush if it’s DA aggression and going to different resources after age up. You can burn the towers down once you get 10-15 military.

You just have to be aggressive against them. They don’t have stone towers or any walls, they rely on keeping you focused on their army. Scouting has extreme value against them.

What are some of the issues you’ve had when playing against them?

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Archers and walls

Tower rush is no strategy, you don’t need brains to build towers.

I only respect Mongol players when they dont do this


Thank you.

My issues are the fact they use Mangudai in large number ad keep moving, it’s really unfair.


mangudai suck just make archers.

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It can be tough to deal with, but you want to chase them as little as possible. Mangudai have a range of 3.5 tiles and archers/crossbow have a range of 5 tiles, so if you force them to come to you the archers will be able to fire in greater quantities than the mangudai. The danger of mangudai is that they will run right through or around your forces to attack your economy, they are good in fighting the edges of an army but are weak against the main force.

Since they can’t take down palisades I would recommend building a basic wall to protect your main base. If these are larger games, 3v3 and above, having an onion like wall with multiple layers will keep them from running rampant (this is more for the late game).

If you don’t fight them on their terms and have ranged units you should handle them alright. Best way to counter them is to make them run from archers and flank them with a horsemen/knight group and sandwich them between those groups. Cornering them into a wall or impassable map feature also works. Keep in mind that the mangudai resource cost is 120f 40g (160 total) and archer is 30f 50w (80 total), so for every mangudai you should be able to match with 2 archers. (their training time is double that of archers as well, 30 seconds vs 15 seconds). Crossbow also counter mangudai, but have less of a cost efficiency (80f 40g (120 total) 23 seconds training time)

Having no walls, chasing them, or having mostly melee is generally how the mangudai win fights. 7 or so mangudai that go unchallenged can and will ravage a trade line or run through and decimate your eco, that’s pretty much their main use and strength. They are pretty bad as a fighting force until imperial, if they have a large number of them mangonels can be more effective than archers.

Try to avoid fighting them in open fields where they can maneuver freely.


Thank you for responses.

So if i play against one who continue turn around i build towers with archers.


My issue as well. My longbows never seem to take them out fast enough as English.

Mangudai appear to be strong. But:

  • They are quite expensive (160 resources). Loosing them hurts.
  • They only become impactfull at least in feudal when you have enough of them.
  • Cheap archers (80 ressources) easily counter them. Of course you cannot fight them 1vs1.