What is the max level that can be reached?

What is the maximum level that can be reached in a players profile.

Is there some upper limit, or will it go into the thousands and onward?

Highest I’ve seen so far is 150 or so.

150 is crazy! I’m about to hit 100 and the increments between levels is getting large lol

I am at 187 and I saw people over 220. Around your profile picture there are triangles/arrowheads, for now I saw only one player having 9 triangles/arrowheads. I don’t know what happened. Once the circle is completed

There are pictures of the borders here, I think it must be 60 levels to advance between the ones shown here, as I’m at level 326 and on the 6th one down.

It’s around 2470 levels.

I’m almost 300, i have seen level 970… :hushed::grin: