What is the most op combo for x10 shared civ bonus?

I am testing it but i dont have description. You can also get 10x unique tech.

But it’s not like a regular 10x techs mod but with some sort of shared bonuses and techs on top? So say blacksmith techs are still 1x?

yes. bs still effect x1

pick teutons+frank+byzantines+celts. Free castle with insine range and hp and attack speed. 11

Franks and Lithuanians you have +1500 food +150%faster foragers leading to a very powerful scout rush in castle age you have +10ATK per relic assist by triple speed monastries.

For me the most effective:
Celt for fast infanterie
Goth for free infanterie
Malian for free wood building
Spanish for building fast
Like this in dark age, you can build everything for free and fast and spam very fast free unit.

For sea
Portuguese for the hp boost and 1200HP caravel
Vicking for free boat, free port and perhaps drakkar
Perhaps chinese for insane HP of demolision boat (never tried)
Perhaps italian for free age up

I feel like these 3 plus whatever floats your boat is indeed pretty broken. Although you could replace Goths with any other free units civ (for instance Berbers for cav, or Byzantines for counter-units) and add Malay for instant age up so you don’t die to the 180 militia rush before you have your own free units.

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Not the most OP, but Aztecs + Incas + Mayans (and + Vietnamese) for the mighty Eagle Warrior and Skirmishers combo.

Can swap Vietnamese with Goths for free(?) Eagle Warriors.

Free, mega fast creation Eagle Warriors with mega PA and HP, with also mega damage? Skirmishers who have extra range and damage, no minimum range, and a single one throws out enough javelins to blot out the sun!

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Drakkar can very good
Canon boat with balistic and fast projectiles, you can’t dodge the projectile
Demolishion raft aren’t better than elit water UU.
And faster galeon is great but not insane
bizantine fast fire ship

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Bohemians, slavs, maly, Italiens. Free “instant” Imp. OK you have to make the buildings but still. And then you geht free houfnice.

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