What is the most op combo for x10 shared civ bonus?

For you what is the most op combo of civ?
x10 shared civ bonus is:
In the tech tree, everything in the left panel is x10 for all the team and also the upgrade for elit UU do the upgrade 10x(I think they should remove that).

That’s mean in a team, if there is a goth player every member have free infanterie. And when the goth player do the Perfusion upgrade all the team have their barack work 10x100% faster.

Remind that something don’t work:

  • Faster attack speed for contact unit isn’t x10 (because it’s break the game)

Chinese and persian bonuses are the most op by far. Bohemians is also really good but u need to get to imperial age.

I think I missed something? Can you explain exactly what x10 shared civ bonus means? Is it that the team bonus is 10 times as strong? Or is it that up to ten civ bonuses are shared for the whole team, or… ?

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Probably first one. I think one of the most strongest combo would be sarances+ britons. If their bonuses combined when the same civ picked: 2 sarances and 2 britons. Sarances archers will have +40 againts buildings and % 400 production speed.

cumans probably 11 super palisades ftw!
and the counter: saracens!
btw what happens with the mayans bonus then?

Britons saracens sounds good but it’s actually quite weak. Just think about BBC and elephants with cobra car speed, scorpions that oneshot every unit and chinese extra villager bonus x10.

I did not get what gives you this mod. 10x shared team bonuses or 10x all unique bonuses ?

You share all civilization bonuses not only the team bonus.

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oh ok, that’s weird 11
and what does this make with certain discount bonusses?
like again mayans?
or thinka about a flood of turk huns magyar sicilian scouts…

Civs like Goths, magyars, mayans, huns with resource discounts get free units.

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or goth, aztecs, malians + (burmese(?)) eagle flood.

mayans, mongols + x (celts(?) malians(?)) is also a neat way to get insane uptimes

by experience the most op unit for this mod is the Bohemian houfnice, its just like cheating.

I just realise slav+khmer+chinese+sicilians= farmingsimulator 11

I think I have it:
lith + persians + sic + franks

Super-fast castle time with lots of stone and super-cheap super-fast castles to build.

don’t know what could stop that.

Remove goths, add teutons. Also teuton+frank+kumans+lit = insine paladins.

Then I’ll go Berbers, Byzantines, Gurjaras and Hindustanis as a counterpick.

byzantines, not need, you will get free camels when you picked berberies. Pick sarances.

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But you only get all the bonuses right? Or do they all also go x10?

I’m really confused by what we’re dicussing here now.

If all bonuses go x10 I definitely want Cumans on that team, that speed boost sounds fun.

(Would Cumans still get Imperial Camel as a shared bonus if they don’t have Heavy Camel? Do secondary unique units even count as a bonus?)

I am not sure you can get imp camel but you definitely get cumans bonus 10x. also you get bonus tech 10x so your imp camels will have +50 melee armor due to gunjaras and +300 due to sarances.

You also get unique technologies shared and x10?

Does anyone have like a link to a description of this mod or something for me???