What is the point of the 'Open Saved Games Folder' button?

My game has been saving locally on my PC as the game told me I was out of cloud storage. I now want to reload a game from my PC, so how do I do it? The only saves in the main list are cloud ones. Opening the Saved Games Folder just does exactly that - opens it in File Manager and shows the list of saves. How do I load one of the savegames from there? Help!

Maybe the games saved on the PC are in the bottom of the list?

Just delete old save games or recorded games, it should hopefully free up space.

It does free up space in the cloud list, but it doesn’t help me access the old recorded games on my PC. How do I access them? There must be some point of the button, rather than just showing them.

You can’t. When the game updates, all recs from before the update are no longer viewable, and possibly get deleted, although they shouldn’t.

When was the update? I could load games fine when I started playing, and an hour later I couldn’t. Even so, that doesn’t explain what the point of the ‘Saved Games Folder’ button is, apart from giving you info. Or am I just being incredibly dumb? :confused:

You use it if you want to copy games out, such as loading them into AoE2Insights, which is something I use it for, sending recs to someone else to watch, or using them as part of a bug report on the forums. Updates can be anything from DLCs to minor game changing updates, I don’t remember exactly when the last one was, but it’s possible something else bugged out for you.

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