What is the point of wolves in this game if you're not Rus? (please buff wolves!)

They are just annoying. Not even dangerous because they take a very long time to kill villagers.

Right now they don’t affect the gameplay very much. In AoE2, you risk losing a villager to wolves and that can be bad for you in the early game. In AoE3, they (and other animals) guard treasures and you can kill them for small resource boosts (which, in this game only Rus can do).

For the sake of nostalgia, I don’t want wolves to be removed, but buffed. I have some suggestions. Either:

  1. Maybe give them Ornlu hp and bonus against villagers so that they are an actual threat. Balance out where they spawn so that players won’t have to deal with wolves unless they are moving too far out of their base. Military can kill wolves very quickly but lone villagers shouldn’t be able to.

  2. Allow all civs to gain gold by wolf hunting… so that there is actually a point to them on the map.

  3. My favorite suggestion: allow wolves to kill your sheep. Wolves should be aggroed by sheep that are trailing behind the scout. And once sheep are killed by wolves, they’ll eat it and you lose that sheep forever.

I know this feels like a joke post, but I am serious.


I would not mind if they would be stronger, but at the same time I would want that villagers automatically fight them.
I would not add anything like wolves giving gold though, basically just keep it at what it was in aoe2, an annoying threat :wink:


I’m not sure on the solution, but it does feel like currently they only exist for Rus. Too little damage to be a threat to anything else.

I like the sheep eating idea. It’s always baffled me that an animal that literally eats sheep would ignore them, and start chasing after my mounted human.

Something should be done about them.

Boars go beyond being a meme unit (2000 food is hilarious) simply by actually being useful in certain cases. Wolves seem to have no use.

I am a little opposed to “keep things like in AoE2”, because most things in this game ARE that way.

I would much prefer something new about wolves that pertains more to AOE4 as its own game. Not to beat my own drum, but I like the sheep eating idea, and want a buff for our canine frenemies.

Wolves are broken. They can attack villagers and they not defennd themselfs.

they are a littly anoying while collecting reliqs as the HRE for example if ur not guiding them

They SHOULD be annoying, and maybe more than that. I picture a holy man getting torn to shreds when he walks alone through a stealth forest and stumbles upon a ravenous wolf.

It seems fair to me that they should be baby sat by a couple units.

And it should a couple at least. What sense does it make that a boar is more of a threat (damage wise) than a wolf?

They just don’t fit well as it is. Also, they should probably have a stronger anti-leash mechanic, as it seems strange that the Rus can proc agro and then drag them across the map just by stopping to keep them in range every once in a while.

I main Rus, and don’t want wolves taken out of the game, but they should be more of a threat, something that you need to wait until feudal age with professional scouts, and multiple of them, to kill.

This would slow the Rus down a bit in dark age, really make them focus on deer, and make the counter play more viable, as the opponent would have better windows to counter.

Also, I know wolf isn’t good eating, but if they left carcasses as well with say, 75-100 food, there would be a risk/reward aspect regarding whether to bring them back, or try for a more valuable deer carcass.

Not sure if that last idea is a good one, but it’s a thought.

I feel they are no use at all, since scouts can’t carry them. The moment I’m able to back up a mill somewhere on the map, I happen to have no food worries anymore, as I’m saturated with infinite food resources already.

Maybe half the food and add them to scout pro pick up ability.

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Yes exactly. They should be more than annoying. They should be game wreckingly horrible beasts that kill monks and vills in two bites. They should also eat sheep on the map and move devilishly fast.

They should be so annoying that the meta should be aware of them and acknowledge their presence with fear.

Wolves I think are mostly fine, they are quite annoying if you play HRE or Delhi (my mains) cause they seem to commonly hang out around sacred sites and sometimes relics.

They should be dangerous and not merely annoying.

Wolves are there to kill your trade routes.

If only they did it well

I want the ability to harvest food from them is all. I think they’re dangerous enough to isolated villagers, especially if you start to aggro 2 or 3 at once.

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A bit more dps, a leash range similar to board that stops them from being taken under tower, and possibly a carcass.

They’re too spongy now.

I am surprised more people are not disappointed that their villagers will just keep working until they die and not fight back.

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Yes they should fight back, its only natural.

But that’s a problem for another thread.


They shouldn’t fight back, because they should die one on one. It’s the weak wolves that cause the problem.

A wolf that is a threat you run away from.

Would be funny if wolves instakilled any unit they touched. So the only way to play the game would be to always look out for them in advance.

More power to wolves lol.

I actually just played a map and had a huge set back because of a wolf. It was a 4v4 on mountian pass and I had sent my pesent all the way to the other side of the map to make a town hall. 40% into the town hall build the pesent dies to a wolf. There was a major battle happening in the center and I got distracted. It ended up delaying my progression into the 3rd age by over 4 minutes because that hall was supposed to pump out units to farm food right by a bush. I almost cost us the game with that stunt. Im not sure why the peseant wasnt attacked by the wolf until later in the build process. I guess the wolf moved a bit closer after I started building.

It was very frustrating haha. So yeah they are mostly just annoying, but in the right circumstance, can be game changing.