What is the point of XP and levels in this game?

So I have been farming masteries against easy and intermediate AIs for the portraits and other cosmetics but now I am like level 25 because each mastery gives me absurd amounts of XP.

It doesnt mean I am good at the game at all and I used to automatch with fellow noobs but now I am getting matched with pros with insane micro reflexes and they rush me within minutes of the game start.

I like playing against people but has my high level screwed me? Am I doomed to be forced to play against pros? Yeah I get it “git guud” but thats not how I want to play the game where there is a meta build and mathematics on the most optimal build strategy to counter the latest meta.
Is this misfortune because of the level system? Or have I just had bad luck with the matchmaking?

That level is for unlocking things and unrelated to matchmaking. The more multiplayer games you play the better it can determine who you should be matched with. It’s all going to be pretty volatile at first with a new game.


Does level actually unlock anything? Seems like it’s just masteries and achievement that do.

No real point, they just gave a bone to the people obsessed with grinding and leveling up irrelevant stuff.


And the monuments that go in TC and profile icons etc

But it seems like all of those are tied to either an Achievement or a Mastery, I didn’t notice any of them being tied to level.

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Yeah, I noticed that too. Profile level is just a â– â– â– â–  measuring contest.

Ah good point. I bet at some point they add unlocks to levels.

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I just found out that it changes the portrait frame.

So there’s that, at least.

The only thing that levels do is it gives you extra pips at the bottom of your profile portrait, one for every tenth level.



i think XP is completely useless… and even more, DAILY QUESTS :smiley:
i mean, why should i make dailies when there is no reward than XP at all.
maybe they implement something for XP or i don’t understand why they worked on dailies at all.

The reward is cosmetics like monuments on your TC or profile customization.

ok, thats more or less nothing

“more or less nothing” is just you being hyperbolic.
It is something, you just dont like or care about it.
And tbh Im not sure what else you expected lol.

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I think this XP system is similar to the town family-level system of AOE3. The more game challenges you complete, the higher your XP level. This level has nothing to do with rankings, it only shows your love of the game and game achievements.

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have you played company of heroes ?
you get a crate at the end of each game with skins, doctrins, ingame money, etc. its something…

a monument is something i get with masteries too. but what customization should it be, i can get with ?
a new pip at the bottom for every tenth lvl ? :smiley: sorry, but thats nothing to me.

this would be nice, but you don’t

i’m nearly lvl 40 and i only got stuff out of masteries, nothing from XP

Oh, you can unlock them by playing battles and mastery courses. Your achievements will give you XP, so your level only shows the number of achievements you have already achieved. My previous statement is a bit incorrect.

Wait, so there is actually a hidden ELO system? That sounds a lot better. But I wonder why the dev made it hidden?

Yes there is. Matchmaking is fully active, it was even active back during the closed beta. The ladder is on the website. They said beginning of next year ranked season will begin with ranking and such in game.

I imagine it’s a combination of not having it all ready yet and wanting to gather data and make some balance changes and improvements to the game before then.