What is the problem with the Germania Inferior Scenario?

In 2011, Nick_The_Hun made “Germania Inferior” as a “3 v 3” AOM:TT map (http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=10038)

It works on Single Player, but it crashes in Multiplayer on both AOM:TT and AOM:EE. On AOM:TT, I got 6 human players and they went in the first 6 slots listed as Unavailable in the Editor and I put an AI in the 7th slot as the Designer intended. It crashed at the loading screen, so I changed all the Players to CPU, except for Player 1 and 2, who I switched to Human. Then I played it with a friend as Players 1 and 2 with the rest set to the AIs. All players’ “deities” matched the ones in the Editor settings, and it still crashed.

This map has a map size of 1000 X 1000, so it must have been made with Dutton’s Editor Superpack that lets Players make maps at that size. I heard that big maps this size crash on Multiplayer. So, is it possible for me to reduce the size using the Map Editor? It looks like a lot of the map on the northwest and northeast sides are just terrain and that the scenario could do fine without the extra space.

Using the normal map editor for this map, when I put values in like -20 or -200 or -400 into the Map Size menu and press Apply, nothing happens. Nothing happens when I try the same thing with Dutton’s Editor Superpack. So I don’t know how I can fix this. For example, is it possible for me to somehow copy and paste most of the terrain onto a blank map? AOE1 has a tool that might let you do that called ROCKNROR, but it’s not for AOM.

Zenophobia wrote to me:
I believe the map itself is simply too big. I tried three things:

  1. I set all computer players to No AI in the multiplayer lobby
  2. Deleted all triggers
  3. Aligned every settlement on the map to the terrain grid.

In all three cases, the map crashed after loading in multiplayer.