What is the purpose of "I am ready" button?

It takes too long to find multiplayer matches and the game starts when I am not paying attention and I didn’t even check the “I am ready” button.

I don’t think this is a bug report.

The “I am ready” button does make it possible to start a match faster, when you are good with the settings. Meaning you know if it is 1v1 or 3v3, nomad or arabia. And you have chosen your desired civ.


It really is super weird that the I am Ready button kinda doesn’t fulfill its’ purpose.

I made a post recently complaining about afkers, and that the sole reason for that is because the I’m ready button isnt functioning properly. It should work by not even starting the game if all people don’t click i’m ready.

  • If you’re not rdy, don’t start the queue in the first place.
  • If you don’t know what civ to pick fast enough, because you or your teammates don’t know them well enough, pick random or study up on your civs.
  • If you don’t know what color/number to go for, the middle numbers are pocket, the lowest/highest numbers are flanks.
  • If it works like you want it to, people would start complaining about long waiting times. Other people would just alt+F4 and try again, since they don’t want to waste time on enemy team making up their mind. More frustration, less games. It works as intended.

I would rather have long waiting times, than have some teammate who is afk for the first 10 minutes and wasting everyones time and resulting in auto loss of elo every 3rd game…

Tell you what, lemme invite you to our discord, so you have actual teammates and not randos


Like TurinCH said, this is not a bug but a way for the game to be launched faster if everyone quickly selects a civilization.

It really is funny how the Ranked queue doesn’t have an “Accept Match” feature lol

when I told that to my friend who plays Dota 2, he was very confused when he heard.

Why would the game just instantly let anyone who clicks the “Find Match” button, jump into a game after a 2-10 minute queue, without having an accept match prompt? I guess you guys feel okay when someone jumps into a ranked game while being AFK?