What is the recommended Way to start Singleplayer Scenarios?

I want to play singleplayer scenarios (which can be found via the modding menu in the game or discord). I also want to set the difficulty of the AI higher than Easy (standard selection).
There are a few ways to start the scenario

  1. Start it via the load buttong and selecting the scenario (no difficult selection Possible)
  2. Start it with Skirmish Lobby / MP Lobby (Difficulty selection possible, but also that sometimes “breaks” the scenario - no same color selection for different AI players etc.) and I also experienced more crashes doing it this way. Is there a difference between the two?
  3. Load the scenario in the scenario editor → Playtest scenario (Difficulty selection possible up until “Hardest”- No “Extreme”)

What is the best way to Start the Scenario with no bugs/spoilers and with selecting other difficulty than easy.

For me for example I make sure after creating my maps to configure them in very difficult to not have any problem of difficulty so on my maps you just need to load them because most are configure in this way against other cards I advise you to go in the editor you may have 0 bugs and choose the difficulty that suits you.
Then on my maps you won’t have the trouble of spoiler if you do loaded but if you do by the script throws fast without looking for you spoil.

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oh. So your maps are all on hardest difficulty by default? Because i played two of your maps and at the top of my screen it said “easy” and i wasnt sure tbh. Thanks for Creating Custom Scenarios for AOE 3 btw :slight_smile:

So it is possible that some map is in easy but it requires real updating ,it takes time, I will try to make corrections today for my most popular card “The Japan Story” which is in easy, I should change that yes but if you test other cards they are in maximum difficulty especially the last.
Can you give me the names of the cards in easy it will save me time if you remember I will try to fix it today otherwise I would look for the cards myself with worries

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This one. I did only play the japanese one and the british one. Japanese is on Easy.
BTW why is there no extreme difficulty?


British one:

How do you build decks?? There are only standard decks but I cant use the created ones in edotor

Thank you for your message I just made an update of the map Japan Story with a better difficulty some worries fix and change some small texture.
And for the extreme difficulty developers do not give it in editor.

I say again later for the solution I have to check it.

related :wink:

There is also the worry of the deck that you cannot edit in editor or the sandbox mode that was on the old AOE III