What is The Sultans Ascend Expansion?

What is The Sultans Ascend?
“Lead powerful forces in defense of your homeland in The Sultans Ascend – the exciting new expansion to Age of Empires IV! Experience a brand-new campaign set in the Middle East, or command new civilizations with the Japanese and the Byzantines.
Take up arms as the Muslim resistance in the fight against the European Crusades in the dramatic new single player campaign. Follow the story of well-known Muslim leaders, their struggles with the Crusaders, and the battles they fought.
In addition to a brand-new campaign, this feature-packed expansion includes two completely new playable civilizations, the Japanese and the Byzantines, and four playable variant civilizations which revisit and re-imagine civilizations first introduced in the main release of Age of Empires IV. It also includes ten new maps, new unlockable rewards and more.” Source

What new campaign will it include?
This new Age of Empires IV single player 8 mission campaign takes place in the Middle East during the European Crusades. You’ll take on the role of the Muslim resistance to the invasion and follow the story of well-known Muslim leaders, their struggles with the Crusaders, and the battles they fought. Our story begins with the First Crusade at the end of the 11th century when Muslim provinces are mired in rivalry with one another. The Crusaders take advantage of this and sweep through the Levantine coast, taking major cities and capturing Jerusalem leading to their controlling most of the Holy Land. Players will fight against the Holy Orders of the Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutons, as well as their old foes, the Mongols. The Sultans Ascend is the first Age of Empires IV campaign to feature naval gameplay! The fight plays out both on land and at sea with new heroes, abilities, and mechanics at your disposal. Jump in and celebrate the successful strategies and victories of prominent Muslim leaders in each chapter: Tughtekin, Nur al-Din, Shirkuh, Saladin, Qutuz, Baybars, Shajar al-Durr, and Barsbay. Source

What new civilizations will it include?

  1. Japanese - The Japanese civilization tells the story of the age of the Samurai and includes special Shinobi units for espionage and assassination. Source
  2. Byzantines - The Byzantines civilization focuses on the Eastern Roman Empire which lasted over a thousand years. Players will be able to build aqueducts and cisterns, harvest a new resource, and hire mercenaries. Source
  3. Four variant civilizations based on The Abbasid Dynasty, Chinese, French and Holy Roman Empire. Source

What is the difference between a ‘regular’ civilization and a variant civilization?
Variant civilizations are re-imaginings of existing civilizations, with exciting new heroes, units, and strategies. The Abbasid Dynasty, Chinese, French and Holy Roman Empire will receive these new Variant Civilizations and players will have new ways to play as seasoned favorite civilizations in skirmish and multiplayer, including Ranked, Nomad, and Empire Wars! Source

Tell me about the Japanese civilization.


  • Shinobi - “Disguised as enemy Villagers, sabotage your opponent’s buildings with the Shinobi. Then disappear with the use of a smoke bomb. Spread chaos across your opponent’s empire with the new Japanese civilization, coming in The Sultans Ascend expansion for Age of Empires IV!” Source

  • Mounted Samurai - “Like all Samurai units, the Mounted Samurai comes with a deflective armor charge that is capable of completely negating incoming damage from any source. Blaze into battle and overwhelm your opponents with the Japanese civilization, coming in The Sultans Ascend expansion for Age of Empires IV!” Source

  • Onna-Musha - “Specialized in defeating heavily armored units, the high mobility and long ranged attack of Onna-Musha are perfect to take down key threats from a distance. Strategize and outmaneuver your opponents with the Japan civilization, coming in The Sultans Ascend expansion for Age of Empires IV!” Source


  • Floating Gate - “Advance to a new age with the Floating Gate Landmark, granting the Japanese civilization the ability to train Shinto Priests. Conquer your opponents with the new Japanese civilization, coming in The Sultans Ascend expansion for Age of Empires IV!” Source

What else is included in the expansion?
The Sultans Ascend expansion introduces ten unique new maps. Each is meticulously designed to offer a different strategic layout and terrain. You’ll need to adapt your tactics to conquer diverse environments and emerge victorious. The expansion also features two new biomes – Japanese Spring and Savanna!

How do I pre-order?
Pre-order now on Microsoft Store, Xbox or Steam.

When does the expansion release?
The expansion for Age of Empires IV will be available November 14th!


I’m guessing the other civ that’s going to be added is the Byzantines.


Yes, we will have a campaign in the Crusades at least and then it can be any civ, the truth is, Byzantines or Jerusalem…

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Is it just me that think of this:

When looking at what seems to be similar here:


It looks to be similar shape and form etc.

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I recommend you watch the movie Kingdom of Heaven I think it’s a lot of themes with the upcoming expansion.


Yes, or play Saladin’s campaign in AoE 2…

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I tried some random filters to make it more visible but it didn’t really help.

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Starting to realize we won’t be getting a snow biome this expansion either. Since it’s all in the middle east, with the addition of japanese it seems. Really hope I’m wrong here, kind of maddening that T*iga Winter :nauseated_face: is meant to be our only snow map for more than two years.


Yes, by this point AoE 3 had the maps of northern North America with Yukon and everything…

Where will the reveal be posted?

It will likely be a new forum topic created within the next 17 minutes, according to the announcement.

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The event has begun…

Coffee stain has to mean Ethiopia.

The Byzantines civ has been confirmed.

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we need timurades (timurlank enmpire sacsasor of ilkahanate ) and hafids (tunisian sultanate)

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