What is the Xbox icon next to names?

Someone I just played with had an Xbox symbol next to their name - were they not playing through Steam? I can’t find them on Steam now to friend - it was a really good game and I’d like a rematch :wink:

Hi @PureLuckk, The Xbox symbol next to the gamertag means that player was playing on the Microsoft Store version of the game.

Thanks @RadiatingBlade! So that means I can’t add them to my steam friend list?

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This is correct, but if you sign in with an xbox account through the game (top right in the main menu) you’ll be able to add them through there and send/receive game invites.

It’s super convoluted IMO, I hope they improve on this in the future.

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Extremely convoluted. No idea how to add them inside of Xbox even though I’m signed in there… oh well. Hope they make this game socially less awkward … how is it that MSN Zone had better social lobby’s 20 years ago?