What is this 40 scout rush in feudal by khmer?

I just played a game where Khmer spammed unlimited scouts to my base in feudal. I thought it was only 5 or 6 at first made some spears but they kept coming. So i dropped a second barracks and started making 2 barracks spears but the constant flow of scouts pushing me off barries and attacking my farms stopped my production next thing i know in a few mins i can barely afford to make vils and i have like 40 scouts in my base.

Thats it I rage quit, uninstalled, I need a few month break from this ■■■■■■■ game. I hate this new imbalanced civs.

(Btw my elo is 1400)


whats the point uninstalling?? Just means a wait when you want to redownload (if you have 25mbps internet like me you wouldnt do ;P). 1400 elo is not that bad either.

i’m 18+ voobly elo and I agree with you. Once a Khmer farmer gathers 1 food it’s dropped automatically and that’s what makes this bonus game breaking.

The devs can fix this by rending Khmer farmers auto drop food at 10 without wheelbarrow and 13 with wheelbarrow and 15 with handcart. Otherwise I fear the game mechanics are shifting towards AoE3.


I’m going back to playing HD. I’m so sick of the crashes, bugs, changed game mechanics and the imbalanced civs and I’m especially so sick of people picking civ. We used to only let someone pick civ if their Elo was way lower than yours. I still go random civs because I like having to come up with a plan on the spot not go into a game knowing I’m gonna make 40 scouts in feudal and be Khmer. I got koreans vs Khmer since I didnt have any Arabia games all day I didnt wanna tower rush and the piece of ■■■■ I played against hit me with this. I was making 2 range archers then he started pouring his scouts in my base.


Yeah that’s more reasonable. I also hate how everyone is picking civs. I miss the days when we all went random and played with all kinds of match ups. Now everyone is going OP civs. You are either fighting 40 goth militia in dark age or 40 scouts in feudal or 100 Persian xbows in castle… Why didn’t the dev’s just upgrade the graphics? Why did they think they are worthy of changing a 20 year test of time masterpiece… I’m going back to playing aoe2 ■■■■ DE

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you mustve been in Feudal a loooong time for the enemy to get 40 scouts (3200 food?)


Well I went 2 archert ranges at first and started making archers then he came in the like 6 scouts and they kept coming I think he added a few more stables too I didnt check the replay but he made it impossible for me to click up since he didnt care about his scouts at all. He kept fighting me under my tc kept fighting my spears and taking bad trades he just kept making me spend food on scouts and idling my farms I couldn’t click up I started barely being able to make vils

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Since the bonus is inferior to the nerfed Slav one (https://www.reddit.com/r/aoe2/comments/ey1nmf/complete_results_of_farming_rates_and_other/) going back to HD where they had 15% won’t save you from scout floods…

You should have, sometimes it allow you to see whether the enemy was cheating (for instance there was someone who showed a replay where the enemy was spawning villies from their TC while aging up

Hmmm I dont know I uninstalled the game I’m going back to playing HD. But tbh I dont think he was cheating he might have actually idled his Tc and made constant scouts from 3 stables that’s what it felt like

And at least in HD you dont pick civ. So I won’t have to put up against it all the time. And they dont have crashes as much as DE you can actually play team games there arent any bugs and the civs arent broken

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wdym “you dont pick a civ” you can pick civs in HD as well

Yeah but people can see what civ you picked so they can pick a counter civ so you just end up going random civs. Idk how it was on voobly I never played it cuz I couldn’t get it to look good on my 1440p monitor


That’s some good reasons to pause from DE, but I don’t get your opinion on civ balance… Besides Persian that are too versatile and Goths that are maybe too over the top in Dark, DE balance is imo better because there isn’t any civ left far behind like there used to be with say, Khmer or Vietnamese in HD.


Always remember when you opt for 23 archers you must wall off yourself completely and push with spears and archers at specific benchmarks (14 mins; 17 mins). More importantly constantly scout what’s your opponent is up to.

A quick giveaway that your opponent is going full scouts:

  • Luring or milling deers.
  • One Lumbercamp only
  • At 14-15 mins only 2 vils taking gold and no sign or archery range.
  • Blacksmith at 15 mins
  • Second stable at 16,17 or 18 mins

Another tip and this time for you. Never ever open up with archers if your map is open or impossible to wall. Either play standard scouts yourself or something aggressive. And don’t be shy to invest in 3 or 4 or 5 more spears to defend against scouts before 15 mins. Also you can’t win every game against full scouts however you can watch your replay to find your pitfalls.


Yeah a huge problem I had was scouting. My opponent was in a weird location. I always send my scout from the middle of the map and then I scout either the right or left. I dont go in a circle. He ended up being close to me on my left. I didnt actually find him until he was already up. Also my base was super open so I shouldn’t have went archers like you said. I should have went towers since I had koreans but it was only the second time I got Arabia all day and I didnt wanna tower I wanted a full game… thanks for the tips. I might download again and watch replay if it’s not deleted

Yeah true before the problem was civs being too weak now it’s too strong but it’s a bigger problem because you can pick civs in this game without opponent seeing what you picked so people always pick the OP civs

Why dont you pick huns and destroy them? If you learn this civ people will complain about you xD. Huns are still the most flexible and best castle age civ.

If he disagrees with picking civs he won’t do it

Yeah I dont like picking civs. But it feels like you didnt deserve to win as much as when you go random and win. But I would like to get better with huns. Maybe I’ll play them sometimes

I made it to high elo by 1v1 huns every day. Playing Huns helps you concentrate on the actual strategy not building houses so you’ll find yourself all the time fighting and fixing your economy. And winning games before Imperial age becomes easier.