What is your favorite playstyle?

Rushing or booming in general?

I LOVE mindgames. There is juzst nothing that gives me the “i won” feeling like hitting an opponent who clearly was not prepared.

Maybe i have a super wallable map and wall early, faking an FC; in the back of my base i build a stable and rush forward with 5 scouts. Maybe I build a second rax but still produce kts and no spears.

ofc it goes wrong sometimes as well :smiley:

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Booming with light aggression to stay aware of what opponents are doing and to prevent them from freely booming. Siege doesn’t come out until the Imperial Age. I like wallable maps like Black Forest, Oasis, Yucatan, and Lombardia that allow for aggression (unlike prewalled maps like Arena and Fortress) but are still wallable if players want to invest resources into defenses.

Fatslobbing my way to victory obviously.
I don’t really see any other way to play this game honestly.

My favorite style of play is walling in, booming to FC and depending on opponent strength I’m going to make a few armies and send them to harass a bit. In castle time I will seriously make army. That doesn’t always work either, but that’s my favorite style of play after all.

My favorite playstyle is feudal at 10 minutes, castle age between 20 and 25 minutes, and imperial age between 30 and 35 minutes, while fighting at every age except Dark age.
Becsuse in general I enjoy a slower playstyle not speedrunning through the ages.

But I do not follow my favorite playstyle every game, and enjoy most other playstyles. After all, my favorite dish wont be as tasty if I eat it every day…